Laughing while Farming; Stardew Valley Parodies

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Stardew Valley Parodies. Yep, you heard that right.

Joke Time: What happened to the illegal business in the sewers? They got Krobusted.

That joke is foreboding what is to come within this article great jokes and even better parodies. As you’ve most likely noticed, Switching Styles portrays musical artistry in all its forms including serious and not so serious content. Today’s article is not so serious. We’re taking the peaceful and serene soundtrack of Stardew Valley and showcasing the parody side of it.

Joke Time: That old lady might seem nice, but I warn you, there’s Evelyn her.

We’ve mentioned Stardew Valley in earlier articles. Showcasing the amazing work of Eric Barone who single handedly created the game’s plot, design, soundtrack and visuals. He’s created a world in which players can create their own story, their own home, and of course, their own fun.

Joke Time: Why did the manager of Joja stock up on so many products? He thinks Morris better.

Now that your giggles are ready to go. Here are hilarious parodies just for you.

“I Stardew” Stardew Valley Parody Song by Brentalfloss


“Stardew Valley” Rap Song by Jake Llaguno

“A Million Beans” a Parody of A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman by Fuslie Stream Highlights

“Quiet Country Town” Stardew Valley Song by Shadrow

Let us know in the comments which parody made you giggle the most! As well, check out more Stardew Valley Parodies, Jokes, and Puns through Reddit!

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