Mac Sabbath: Fast-food Fun for the Whole Franchise

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What happens when you take Black Sabbath and Ronald McDonald and then combine them within a parody band? You get Mac Sabbath.

Mac Sabbath is a band that parodies Black Sabbath songs with a theme of fast food. The band includes Ronald Osbourne (vocals), Slayer MacCheeze (guitar), Grimalice (bass), and the Catburglar (drums) in full costumes themed after the McDonald land characters. Together they create drive-thru metal.

Starlite Room, Mac Sabbath, Frank And Deans, Electric Audrey 2, Drive-thru metal
Mac Sabbath performs at the Starlite room for the Grill Of It All, their first Canadian tour

The concert, played at the Starlite Room, was part of their Grill Of It All tour. The band played last Thursday night with openers Frank and Deans and Electric Audrey 2.

It was a flavorful concert of epic proportions that started with someone yelling out “Cheeseburgers!” At one point in the show, an audience member shouted “show us your nuggets!” right before Ronald Osbourne actually pulled out prop nuggets during one of the songs. That wasn’t the only thematically appropriate prop. There were props of nearly every fast food aspect you can imagine; an extra-large drink mic stand, condiment bottles, red and yellow confetti, busts of Ronald McDonald with lasers in their eyes, and even an inflatable burger bouncing throughout the crowd.

Brayden Thunder, an audience member was impressed with the level of showmanship, “we got stuff thrown at us, which is nice. I thought I was gonna get a face full of beer, but we got a face full of confetti”.

Mike Odd, their manager, explains that they are time travellers that have come “from the 1970s to save us from the current state of music and food and bring us back to a time where music and food were more organic”.

For a lot of metal fans, Black Sabbath is one of the purer forms of metal. Odd explains that Black Sabbath is the creator of “all counter-culture weirdo music.” Mac Sabbath provides a kind of nostalgia for Ozzy fans for a simpler time.

“It definitely sounds like old school Black Sabbath,” Thunder recalls, “The lead singer sounded exactly like Ozzy. If the lyrics weren’t changed, I would think I was listening to Black Sabbath”.

Some of their songs include parodies such as “Chicken Is For The Slaves” (Children Of The Grave), “Frying Pan” (“Iron Man”), “More Ribs” (“War Pigs”), “N.I.B.-Ble.” (N.I.B.) and “Pair-a-Buns” (“Paranoid”).

Even though they’re in the world of fast food they aren’t endorsing it instead, they’re exposing the negativities of Fast Food.

Mac Sabbath, although a heavy metal band, is kid-friendly. There isn’t any vulgar or offensive language in the lyrics making it appropriate for a wide demographic. Odd explains, “as far as the message goes, people expect it to be this gnarly heavy metal thing that’s going to be all adult-themed and stuff. But he keeps it all kid-friendly because he wants the kids to get the message too. He wants parents to be able to expose their kids to it because they should learn it at an early age”.

Thunder agrees that people should be more aware of what’s in their food but even so, sometimes people aren’t aware of everything that’s in their food.

Odd describes that although the show has a message, it isn’t preachy, “It’s super fun and this amazing clown that’s flipping burgers and really funny. And he’s this amazing wordsmith of jokes, these drive-thru metal jokes that he does. It’s just this amazing comedy heavy metal science fiction giant arena-sized show crammed into a stage.”

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