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“I’ve always had this dream, just being an artist,” Describes Majin, “I always wanted to be an artist since I was five years old. I use to tell my mom, I was going to be like Michael Jackson, That’s what inspires it.”

Micheal Jackson. Scorpions. The White Stripes. Freddie Mercury. The Beatles. The Weekend. These are the bands that Majin grew up listening to, and the exact musicians that inspired him to pursue a career in music. Taking their music, he brought his passion as a listener to the passion of a musician.

Going with the stage name Majin, He continues his dream of being a musician. Based on the word imagine, Majin continues that passion for music and music’s inherent ability to bring the world to life. He carved out a stage name to bring to light all of the aspects he wants to show off to the world.

“At first I did not want to people knowing that was me, because I was pretty insecure about myself a while back. Not to say that I’m super self-confident now but I just didn’t want to people know who I was,” He continues, “The person that I am when I’m singing,  is nothing like the person that I am on a day to day. I feel like Majin is just a different persona, a lot of people have said that I’m not this person when I’m Majin.”

The music he writes and performs as Majin comes from a place close to his heart with all of the lyrics being inspired by personal experiences.

Within the song “Lust”, Majin explains that the lyrics have a lot of dimensions. The song describes the inner struggles, external struggles as demons. His demons include many things.

“‘My demons’ means a lot of things to me. I call my friends my demons. those are my demons. all the thoughts in my head those are my demons. even when I’m alone, I have demons. so I’m telling this girl, I’m warning her, if you want to come see me, come see me, I’ll be here with my demons. I had a lot of bad energy thrown at me so I’ve acquired these demons, but I like to think that it is not necessarily a bad thing, you know, it inspires my music.”

Here’s the song for you to listen to.


“I’ve had a lot of rough times with my love life so, and a lot of my music shows, my entire EP was just all about my life. it wasn’t something I made up.” Majin describes, explaining that all of his music comes from personal experiences and his own emotions.

Especially love. Love has long been a muse for musicians from the earliest minstrels to our modern artists of all genres. His EP specifically was inspired by a bad break up leading Majin to pour his emotions into lyrics.

This EP took a year to write, record and publish. Over that year, he created nearly 20 songs but only included five in the EP. He admits that the ones that made the cut were the most recent songs as together they created the imagery for a place called Magic City. Thus the name of the EP. He describes it as a journey, one full of emotions but ultimately a place of sadness. The album itself in terms of lyrics is rather dark despite the smooth beats and ‘happy’ sound of the album.

“It’s a really dark album, and like a lot of people don’t see that, they like to listen to the songs and everybody wants like dance to it. But in reality like the words behind the music they mean a lot more,” he explains.

It was a way to get the emotions out where they don’t necessarily hurt anymore. This album was cathartic for Majin, allowing him to process and admit how he was feeling as well as connect with his audience.

“If you’re in a bad state of mind and you listen to my music, it just takes you further into whatever you are going through, it’s something that you wanna listen to when, it’s just really raw, it’s what I try to say.”

Once his EP was released, he’s gone forward to make ripples throughout the music community. Side Door Magazine featured Majin in a discussion about his recent release of the Debut Album “Remedy”

“MAJIN has been on the rise this year and we will definitely be on the look out for new music from him in the future,” Writes Side Door Magazine on his music career.

As a member of the label Only the Highest (OTH), he’s working on bringing his emotions to his audience. Only the Highest is a label and management company based in Edmonton. Founded by Akash Sharma and KAVI in late 2018, this label houses musicians such as Kavi, Majin, and VSN Black.

Check out more of his current and upcoming music on Spotify.

“The words, the lyrics, everything is straight from the heart, it’s very personal, it’s extremely personal, I feel like people can get to know me, as Majin through my music very well. I’m not lying in any of my songs.”


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  1. This is a great introduction to an artist I’ve never heard before! I’m so happy that I found this post. It’s so informative and the song embedded within the post allowed me to discover that I love Majin’s music. I can’t wait to listen to more!

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