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Mash-Up Songs, also known as a remix, mesh, medleys, mashup, blend, bootleg and bastard pop/rock (according to Wikipedia). However, most people just know them as simply mash-up songs.

What are Mash-Up Songs?

These types of songs are another way to take a song and make it your own. To take something that’s already in existence and create something entirely new with the artist’s own creative liberties. These are songs that take multiple other songs and put them together in various ways to make them into something else entirely. As with covers and parodies, there are a million and one ways to mash up a song, and endless styles to do it in.

In my search for mash-up songs and artists, I found a ton of wonderful artists (and I only scratched the surface). Here are a few highlights of the mash-up research. Comment below your favorite Mash-Up artists!

Examples For Your Listening Pleasure

Call Me Maybe/ Payphone By Kurt Hugo Schneider (ft. Jessica Jarrell & James Alan)

Oh No By Girl Talk (Profanity Warning)

Shape Of Now By DJ Earworm

The Lone Slim Shady By oneboredjeu Mashup

Without My Kryptonite Kill_mR_DJ mashups

These are only a few examples and I will bring you more amazing artists in later blog posts.

Comment below if you have any favorite mash-up songs or artists.
I’d love to hear your suggestions!!

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