National Share The Love Day; Ways To Combat Social Isolation

two women sitting on white bench
two women sitting on white bench
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Did you know that today is National Share the Love Day?

The pandemic has made it more challenging to share affection with loved ones. Although the pandemic has settled down in terms of Canadian restrictions, folks still hesitate to go out.

Statistics Canada published the Canadian social survey for August and September of 2021. They reported that more than 1 in 10 Canadians are always or often lonely. That’s a lot of loneliness for one country. That means in a single high school class of 30 kids, at least 3 of those kids are feeling lonely. In an average downtown Edmonton office of 120 people, 12 of your coworkers feel lonely most of the time. It’s a sad statistic, but there are things that you can do!

“Socialization is important because touching and talking to people is a natural cure for anxiety and depression,” said Dr. Asim Shah, Professor And Vice Chair in the Menninger Department Of Psychiatry And Behavioral Sciences At Baylor explains to Homa Shalchi, a writer for Baylor, College Of Medicine.

Isolation doesn’t just make you feel lonely, though. The negative impacts of isolation and loneliness can increase the risk of mental health issues (depression, anxiety, substance abuse) and chronic conditions (high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and dementia).

Ideas to Celebrate Friendship! Happy National Share The Love Day!!

There are ways to socialize even during and after a pandemic. Here are some ways to share love with loved ones if you’re uncomfortable in person.

Play Online Games Together.

Get on your headset and boot up the old computer. It’s time to play some MMOs, Jack Box, World of Warcraft, Animal Crossing, Pokemon Go, or even Facebook’s famous game Words with Friends. Add in a discord server, and there’s no limit to the games you can play with your friends.

Host An Online Party.

These are great ways to socialize face-to-face without being in person. There are countless apps and software that are perfect for this. Zoom, google hangouts, and jack box games are just a few examples.

Give Them a Ring.

Get some Facetime with the ones you love with video calls with the help of Skype, Discord, Facebook, and Snapchat, to name a few.

Send Them an Ecard.

These lived and died in the early 2000s, but ecards can still return. According to the New York Times, they’ve already made a comeback.

“it reflects the fact that people want to show that they care, with that extra effort of producing a written artifact to send, even if it’s a digital one,” Professor Simeon Yates explains, A Professor Of Digital Culture At The University Of Liverpool In England.

Send Them a Gift.

Have a gift delivered to their home! This is a fantastic way to let them know you’re thinking of them. What about some of our very own Switching Styles Merch? It could be something small to something on their wishlist for a long time. Even a handwritten letter will make their day.

Attend Live Online Events and Concerts.

Thanks to online event listings like Facebook, Eventbrite, Travel Alberta and many more, you’ve got options for webinars, online training, live concerts, and so much more!

Share In a Watch Party.

Watch parties are where everyone watches the same movie simultaneously, with the opportunity for real-time chatting. Check out Watchparty. Me for all the options.

Send Them a Personalized Spotify Playlist.

Share your favourite songs and artists with friends and family. This could be a way to show off your new favourite covers of “Numb Little Bug: By Em Beihold Or Your Top Quirky Songs By Wild Child!

Happy National Share The Love Day! Here are some love songs covers to share with your loved ones. Send them one of these songs to get the socialization started!

“Lean On Me,” Originally by Bill, Withers Performed by Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder, John Legend

“Jenny” Originally by Studio Killers, Covered By Justine M.

“Friends Never Say Goodbye,” Originally by Elton John, Covered By Kristo Qerama

“Anytime You Need a Friend,” Originally by Mariah Carey, Covered By Jo-B Sebastian

Share this with a friend or loved one for National Share The Love Day today!

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