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Where To Put Immersion; Lilja Dalgaard Adventures

Below we dive into the story of Lilja Dalgaard, a barbarian were bear created by Switching Style’s main writer, Dylanna Fisher for a GURPS game played with her family and friends. We’ll be going through her adventure and adding in points to change to a different ambience or soundscape. Remember these are just suggestions inside of a very specific example. Make sure that you tell your story your way. Let us know your playlist by tagging us on social media!! Continue reading Where To Put Immersion; Lilja Dalgaard Adventures

seagulls flying above water

Flighted Freedom Poetic Lyrics

Flighted Freedom Poetic Lyrics by Dylanna Fisher. These are merely lyrics to a poem by our very own writer, Dylanna Fisher. What music would you put to these words? Flighted Freedom Lyrics I want to become a bird If I could Flying would be my superpower If I were super If I had power A majestic creature so small But size doesn’t matter When you’re … Continue reading Flighted Freedom Poetic Lyrics