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Polyamory; Did you know?

Polyamory is a form of relationship that’s usually compared to monogamy and open relationships. Below is a combination of fun facts as well as definitions to help separate them.

Polyamory Fun Facts

  • To Start, 88% of the general public of America get married for Love while others said Making a lifelong commitment (81%), and companionship (76%) (Pew Research Center).
  • Futhermore, support for legalization of same-sex marriage has increased in the past decade. In 2007, Americans opposed legalizing same-sex marriage by a margin of 54% to 37%. In 2017, more favored (62%) than opposed (32%) same sex marriage legalization, up from 37% and 54% respectively (Pew Research Center).
  • Love is addicting just like substance use without most of the harsh side effects (The Journal of Sexual Medicine).
  • On the other hand, love and romance have benefits on your health. As a result, cuddling, hugs, kisses, laughter, assist with headache frequency, chronic pain, stress, tense muscles, and even pessimism (Journal of Personality, Standford Medicine,)
  • Further, open relationships are more present in sexual minorities than in the sexual majorities (Loveception).
  • On average, 31% of women and 38% of men would prefer a non-monogamous relationship than a monogamous relationship (YouGov)
  • Next, about 20% of Americans are currently in or have been in a “consensual non-monogamous relationship” at some point throughout their life (Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy).
Here’s some polyamorous covers of “Dionysus” by The Orion Experience.

“The Cult of Dionysus“ By Elizabeth

 “Cult of Dionysus Day Core” by Buttercore

“The Cult of Dionysus” by The Shenanigans

Nightcore – Cult of Dionysus” by Akumu Nightcore

“The Cult of Dionysus” by Jimmy Riot

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