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Punk Goes Pop Vol. 7

Introducing Punk Goes Pop Vol. 7

You’ve read about Fearless Records and the Punk Goes… Series. Now I’m here to introduce you (if you weren’t already introduced) to the newest addition to the Punk Goes… series; Punk Goes Pop Vol. 7.

As of July 14th of this year, we have a new album full of punk cover goodness. This is a much-anticipated album, as it has been over two years since Fearless Records released the last Punk Goes Pop album. There are 13 tracks of some current pop songs. The majority of these songs are rather popular beyond the mainstream media. There are many of these songs that are extremely popular for covers. I say this because I have heard a lot of different styles of “Stitches”, and “Love Yourself,” to name the most common ones.

Here’s the tracklist for Punk Goes Pop Vol. 7! Check out the full playlist on YouTube

Punk Goes Pop Vol. 7 Tracklist
“Stitches” By State Champs (Originally By Shawn Mendes)
“That’s What I Like” By Dance Gavin Dance (Originally By Bruno Mars)
“Gansta” By New Years Day (Originally By Kehlani)
“Can’t Feel My Face” By The Amity Affliction (Originally By The Weekend)
“When We Were Young” By Andy Black Ft. Juliet Simms (Originally By Adele)
“Love Yourself” By Grayscale (Originally By Justin Beiber)
“Fake Love” By Capsize (Originally By Drake)
“Shape Of You” By Eat Your Heart Out (Originally By Ed Sheeran)
“Let It Go” By The Plot In You (Originally By James Bay)
“I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” By Ice Nine Kills (Originally By Zayn And Taylor Swift)
“Closer” By Seaway (Originally By The Chainsmokers Ft. Halsey)
“In The Name Of Love” By Too Close To Touch (Originally By Martin Garrix And Bebe Rexha)

It may be the nostalgia but overall I enjoyed this album. As far as favorites go, I love things that are weird or obscure.

Dance Gavin Dance’s cover was my absolute favorite song out of the album. To me, the cover is better than the original. I prefer the vocals of Tillian Pearson and Jon Mess over Bruno Mars for this song, specifically. The main vocals and the instrumental are rather similar to the original. This means that the screamo-style vocals juxtapose the rest of the song. I think it’s an amazing contrast.

Their music video doesn’t hurt either. It’s downright interesting. It seems to be a compilation of stock imagery and photos in seemingly random order. Odd but intriguing. It’s a different style of music video and it’s appreciated as you can tell with over 1.3 million views on the video just below.

What do you think of this album? Did they improve upon the originals or did the original artists shine?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section!

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