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Warning – there are limited spoilers in this article where Dylanna Fisher writes a Ravenous Devils Review, the fantastic and gory game by Bad Vices Games. 

Trigger Warning – this game and the resulting article discuss gore, murder, cannibalism, avoiding the authorities, and tax evasion. Click here to go somewhere else.

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Introducing Ravenous Devils

For those who don’t know about this game, it’s a fantastic game reminiscent of the musical Sweeney Todd. It’s a twisted, creepy, and eerie game where you play a couple starting a new business in a new town. The husband is a tailor that lures victims in and murders them for scrap fabric to sew. He then resells the material to other patrons in the second-floor tailor shop. On the other hand, the wife takes the corpses and cooks them into various meals to sell in the pub on the main floor. That’s the main storyline. You’ll have to play the game or watch playthroughs for the specifics.

Ravenous Devils Review

9/10. This game was a lot of fun to play overall. Bad Vice is known for amazing games, including Ravenous Devils, Sexual Void, and Hippocampus. Despite the extensive and explicit gore, this game is delightful. Loved the game. I’ve grown up on simulation games such as cake mania, diner dash, and roller coaster tycoon. I adore the fast-paced style of simulation games. The commerce aspect is a great small-time goal with regular and obtainable upgrades. This game is great if you want something casual but are tired of boring idle games.

Shout out to Steam for the achievements and trading cards that appeal to my completionism. And before you ask, yes. I have completed all the achievements but haven’t gotten all the trading cards. That being said, I’m still in the process of beating the game’s endless mode. Whether there’s an actual beating of it, I’m not sure. But right now, the goal is to go through the infinite way and purchase all the upgrades without being caught by the police.

The ambience is fantastic, with the background soundscapes of a pub in Victorian England. The audio also includes sound effects, which seem very on point. It adds to the eerie aspect and the queasy nature. Don’t play this game if you have a weak stomach.

As someone who loves musicals like Sweeney Todd and Repo! The Genetic Opera, I like my spooky with some musical scores for the immersion. For those that want to continue the ambience, I’ve compiled a list of ambient music to keep the eerie and energetic vibe. The inspiration for this playlist has come from Ravenous Devils. Let me know in the comments which ones you like the best.

“Tim Burton Vibes” By Sundew Baggins

“Fantasy Bard/Tavern Music Compilation” By Celestial Draconis

“Dark Music Of Gothic Castles And Fallen Lords” By Cryo Chamber

“VICTORIAN AMBIENCE: Victorian London Thunderstorm (Horses, Bells, Walking On Cobblestone)” By Autumn Cozy

“Ambience/ASMR: Sherlock Holmes Parlour, 221B Baker Street (Victorian London)” By Ambience Of Yesteryear

“Victorian London” By The Vault Of Ambience

“RAIN OVER INNSMOUTH | 10+ Hour Dark Lovecraftian Thunderstorm Ambience” By The Tale Master

“Dark Ambience – Horror Background Music” By Relax Cafe Music


“I See You…. 👀🔪 | Extreme Thriller, Suspense & Fear Background Ambience” By Ambiensis

Concluding Thoughts

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