Reviewing “Numb Little Bug” by Em Beihold

Em Beihold

Reviewing “Numb Little Bug” by Em Beihold Written by Jason Greiner

I never heard of musical artist Em Beihold let alone her song “Numb Little Bug” until it came on my car’s Sirius radio a couple of days ago. When I saw the title, I thought to myself, “that’s strange” and that it sounded more like an odd name of a band than a song. After all, the names of bands seem to be getting stranger and stranger these days. 

But within about 30 seconds into the song, I found myself intrigued. Beihold comes at the listener with an extremely catchy vibe infused with a sense of fun even though the lyrics are a bit deep. It is a far cry from much of today’s pop tracks that seem to be overproduced and somewhat hollow.

Lyrics from the chorus like “Do you ever get a little bit tired of life? Like you’re not really happy but you don’t wanna die Like you’re hangin’ by a thread but you gotta survive,” mix the background music having a light and a rather energetic feeling with some serious introspective thought.

The vocals are solid. Sure, she’s no queen of vocal range, but they’re not bad at all. She also sounds a bit older or more well-trained in her singing than you might expect of someone only 23 years old. If this is any indication of her future releases, I look forward to seeing what this talented young lady will do in her career. Check out more of her work right here.

Jason Greiner is the author of several books and eBooks and has worked as a professional in the field of journalism and blogging. He also provides photography and graphic design services on a freelance basis. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Jason now lives in the city of Mebane, a small but fast-growing community in central North Carolina. As a lifelong music enthusiast, he enjoys discovering new artists and reviewing their work.

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