Songs in the Style of Animal Crossing

“Make friends with adorable animal villagers and have fun creating a world of your own in the Animal Crossing series.”
~Introduction to Animal Crossing Official

Animal Crossing characters have very distinct audio in their vocals. There are three languages in Animal Crossing; Animalese, Bebebese, and the ever awkward Silence. These languages make the animal crossing universe distinct from other ‘.

When speaking animalese, their vocals are similar to the sims but it’s sped up and high-pitched. You can understand to a certain degree what is being said but it’s faster and higher. When speaking Bebebese, it’s a collection of beeps which is primarily used by villagers in both Wild World and City Folk.

Fun Fact: Even though all of the animals speak Animalese, some of K.K. Slider‘s album covers have English words on them.

Fun Fact: When Animalese is slowed down it sounds very close to English. Cranky villagers have very low voices when they talk making it hard to understand them without reading the text. which makes understanding them more difficult without reading the words.

This type of editing is utilized in covering songs to give a Animal Crossing style to the song itself. This gives the songs covered by artists the same distinction. Here are some amazing covers in the style of Animal Crossing.

“Bad Romance” by JJokerDude

“Buttercup” by Clay Kramer

“Africa” by Mako Ray

Bubblegum K.K.” by Hikaru Station

Let me know which are your favourite covers in the comments below!

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