Soothing Anxiety; Music Review by Rachel Rabalais

Rachel Rabalais
Music Review by guest writer, Rachel Rabalais

In today’s society, many people suffer from different mental illnesses. Everyone has their own way of helping themselves feel a little better about what they are battling day to day.

Anxiety especially clinical anxiety is very hard to deal with. Scientists have said music can actually relax and calm you. When I get anxiety, I always listen to music, if I am able to. There are a couple of artists I like but my favourite song, which has helped me through so much is “You’ll be okay” by A Great Big World.

You’ll be okay” by A Great Big World

I have listened to this song an extraordinary amount of times. I listened to it when things felt messed up in my life.

Great Big World's 2014 Album, "Is There Anybody Out There?"
Great Big World’s 2014 Album, “Is There Anybody Out There?

I found this song on YouTube, the video is a picture of their cover album. I wonder if there is a deeper meaning to the song? Why does he say, “You’ll be okay”? Is he telling someone that or himself? The song makes me feel okay to cry and let out any emotion I’m holding in. When I hear this song, I imagine being relaxed laying in a field of flowers, watching the clouds go by.

This song is a good comparison to “La Vie En Rose” by Emily Watts.

“La Vie En Rose” by Emily Watts

Both songs are very calming and talk about comfort. In the song “You’ll be okay” he sings “….Cause you’re never alone” and in the song “La Vie En Rose” she sings “Hold me close…” both songs also sound as though they are in a safe relationship which is very important to have someone who can help you relax. The difference between these two songs is A Great Big World is two men, Ian Axel and Chad King Who originate from America. Emily Watts is a single vocalist and originates from London. All of these singers are exceptionally intelligent and create beautiful and serene music.

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