Students during Covid–19; Q&A with Sam Fauque

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Students During Covid – 19 have more than just a full load to deal with. Students have a full load when they take on school; exams, studying, assignments, extracurricular. They do all this while balancing a healthy life, and a job. Add in the pandemic, and it’s a whole new story.

Sam Fauque

Sam Fauque (She/Her) is a 22-year-old student currently taking her Bachelor of Business Administration Majoring in Accounting and General management along with a minor in Finance and Supply Chain at Mount Royal University attending mostly online classes.

Please Describe How Your Classes Are Set Up.

Online lectures through google meet along with recorded videos and readings posted to Blackboard.

In What Ways Has The Pandemic Improved Your Learning?

The only thing that I like about doing class online is that most teachers record the lectures and then post them to blackboard so that we can re-watch them. This is helpful if we missed something, or don’t quite understand a concept, we can go back and re-watch that part of the lecture.

In What Ways Has The Pandemic Made Learning Harder?

I don’t think there is enough time nor space to fit all of the ways that the pandemic has made schooling harder. Firstly, I am not actually allowed on campus unless I have an in-person class or an appointment. Having class online limits, the interactions with the teacher and other students. I chose Mount Royal for the smaller class sizes and the one-on-one professor interactions, but this has been taken away due to the closure of the school. Also, events and social interactions has been completely cut off. There are no chances to get together with other students, or teachers unless it is through a computer screen which I think takes away the entire purpose of meeting with someone. During these social interactions have been taken away and I think that asking other students and getting to ask questions in real-time is way more beneficial than watching a recording. Tuition also did not change but now I am paying hundreds of dollars to teach myself the content for my classes. It is not fair to us, nor the teachers. If you need clarification or want to talk more about anything I just said, phone or text me.

Are You Able To Participate In Extracurricular Activities? If So, What Are They?

No. All events and extracurriculars were cancelled and “postponed” or otherwise put into a virtual meeting which losses the whole purpose of most of the events. Also, as this being my last year of University, I am very disappointed. Not only did I miss the experience of my last year, I will not get the opportunity to say goodbye to my friends, or experience any of the big school events before I leave. It’s just sad that this is the way it ends. And I am not sure if there will be an actual graduation or if it will just be someone reading off names over a virtual event. How sad is it that you work your ass off for years to not be allowed to celebrate your achievement? I am so disappointed in how society reacted to the pandemic and what this has all turned into.

What Advice Do You Have For Other Students?

Do not fall behind. In times like this it is easy to get distracted or lose all motivation but don’t let your work pile up. It is hard enough to be a student when there isn’t a pandemic but the mental state of students, or anyone in general really, has been very low. Leaving your work to the last minute can bring on extra stress and worry that you do not need as there is already enough stress without schoolwork.

Here’s the musical element of the students’ experience. Enjoy these remixes for all your studying needs for all students regardless of level from Elementary to a doctorate!
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“Chill Out Electronic Study Music” By Gravity Music

What Advice do you have for your fellow students during Covid-19?

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