Students During Covid; Lo-Fi Remixes


Students have a full load when they take on school; exams, studying, assignments, extracurricular. They do all this while balancing a healthy life, and a job.

As a result, Dylanna Fisher, our main writer has taken on a project looking at how the pandemic influences students of all levels of education. From elementary school to get a doctorate, the pandemic has caused interesting changes and challenges for the students. This survey is to find how the pandemic has impacted student’s lives and learning. Find the survey here to fill it out and share your experiences. Thank you to all the respondents that took the time to fill the survey.

Study Music for Students

For all the students out there learning their course work at home, here are some study tunes to help you along. Below is a list of Switching Styles’ handpick Lo-fi remixes for your listening pleasure.

“1 A.M. Study Session” by Lo-fi Girl. This is the classic study lo-fi mix, the OG. Check It out on Spotify.

“Steven Universe Lo-fi Mix“ by Leaflet. Check it out on Spotify and SoundCloud. This is a remix of the amazing Steven Universe cartoon in an hour-long lo-fi hip hop loop. This “lo-fi mega mix” contains a list of 26 lo-fi remixes from 20 different artists. Each one of the mixed songs is inspired by Steven Universe themes.

“Hip Hop/Trap Instrumental Beats Mix 2019“ by Nicop Records. This hour-long beat mix contains amazing beats, that are both chill and energizing – perfect for late-night studying. What’s more chill and focused? Check it out on Spotify.

“Zelda and Chill“ by GameChops. Can’t stop thinking about playing Breath of the Wild? This is a combination of The Legend of Zelda music from across the entire series history and relaxes hip hop beats. This lo-fi remix is going to help limit video game distractions. Check it out on Spotify.

“The Universe is Yours“ by Chetreo. Right from Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 9, this remix brings in all of those emotions and excitement into the song. It’s almost as if you’re watching the episode. Check it out on media fire.

“Giorno Giovannas Theme“ by Blasta. Elegant. That’s the best way to describe how they combined passionate piano with lo-fi hip-hop beats. It’s elegant and enthralling, perfect for when creativity is exactly what’s needed. Check it out on YouTube.

“Old Town Road Remix“ by Not Your Dope. Need a study boost? This is a perfectly paced some for when you’ve hit a lull in the endless drone of textbook pages. High energy, fast beats and Lil Nas X. Check it out on Spotify.

“The Queen’s Gambit Remix“ by FROTO. FROTO is bringing the drama and additional instruments to this multi-level remix. It’ll get your mind racing and the ideas coming. Check it out on YouTube.

“Umbrella Academy Remix“ by Symphonic Brush. Smooth instrumentals with calming beats completely contrast parts of this dramatic, thrilling Netflix series. Adding the dramatic emotional sound bytes bridges the gap between the two. Check it out on YouTube.

“Psy-Trance Billie Eilish – Bad Guy” By Middle-D. There’s quite a range in this playlist that will keep you on your toes exactly as this remix does. The intense drops combined with Billie Eilish’s deep vocals with fast deep beats create a fast-paced energetic remix. Check it out on Spotify.

Remember to keep yourself sane while you’re in school.

Let me introduce myself. I'm Dylanna fisher, a writer, creator, and visionary. Currently, I'm a journalism student at Grant MacEwan University based in Edmonton, Alberta. I've recently graduated with a journalism major while growing a freelancing writing company on the side, Dylanna Fisher Communications. Ever since I can remember, I've always been fascinated with sharing ideas with people. And that's exactly what I want to do. Check out my work on Switchingstyles.ca and on dylannafisher.com.

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