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Switching Styles is now on Patreon as of 2020 to not only support the publication but to bring awareness to the amazing arts throughout the world!! We are among several other writers, musicians, artists, and creators that are using Patreon to continue our craft.

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Switching Styles is an online publication focusing on all the niche music that the world has to offer. This one publication is bringing you an array of covers, remixes, medleys, mashups, parodies and so so much more. With the help of Kofi, Switching Styles is branching out for more donations and overall support. Using Kofi, Switching Styles connects with its audience members to continue its promise of quality and obscure music!

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Starting in the summer of 2017, I started the blog Switching Styles (switchingstyles.ca). This blog focuses on music on both a grand scale and a special look at parodies, remixes, mashups, and the like. Switching Styles now has merchandise through RedBubble. Bring your love for music home with a range of merch.

From mugs to t-shirts, to prints to skirts, we’ve got what you need! Check out the amazing merchandise here!

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