Switching Styles is a digital magazine that publishes twice a week – with no subscription costs.  All of our content is free to our audience, and it always will be. To keep Switching Styles running and providing you with the amazing music content you crave, we need support from our audience – you!

There are many ways to support including Patreon, PayPal donations, and supporting specific projects. 


Switching Styles is now on Patreon as of 2020 to not only support the publication but to bring awareness to the amazing arts throughout the world!! We are among several other writers, musicians, artists, and creators that are using Patreon to continue our craft.

Patreon Merchandise

This aspect is currently being developed. More information to come soon!

PayPal Donations

Donate To Switching Styles

Directly support Switching Styles with a one time payment. Donations are always welcome no matter how small or how many!


Thank you for reading and supporting Switching Styles!

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