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Introducing Mako Ray

“Lost gender beast attempts to gain notoriety via prolonged struggle on the world’s worst and only video-sharing website” reads Mako Ray’s Twitter Bio

Joining only a few years ago in 2017, Mako Ray has gained over 2.8 million views from followers following his artistic career.

“My ultimate goal is to become a game developer. I’ve spent a lot of time since I was a teenager learning various skill sets such as art, music and writing, and now it’s just a matter of applying them to something, letting them all come together to finally create something big and proper. In addition to that I’m working on a 3D model right now and considering becoming a vtuber,” explains Mako Ray, “I dunno. I do a lot of weird dumb nonsense and I’m currently collecting a fanbase who is into that weird dumb nonsense”.

Currently, he admits to being in the “Following stage,” and creating an audience through social media with the end goal of making a living as a full time artist.

Mako Ray’s Music Career

His YouTube channel consists of art, design, game development content, and of course music. Music, for Mako Ray, is a means to an end, and the end is to listen to something you enjoy and “occasionally that end is supposed to have a specific stronger impact, attempting to elicit certain feelings from people such as happiness, sadness, fear, whatever the situation calls for, and I hope to be able to achieve that in my songs.”

Inspired by specifically video game soundtracks, and artists like Toby Fox, Mayo Ray aims to bring more out of the music than just sounds. Gathering influences coming from primarily video games, it created a unique opportunity to learn. Most video game soundtracks that Mako Ray wanted to learn had scores that weren’t easily accessible. This lead him to his ear to hear for the notes and transcribed them. With this skill and an interest in music, the skills grew and grew.

“Eventually I also decided to dabble in composing my own music, and I’m currently working off-and-on on a collection of original songs, some of which have appeared as background music in a few of my YouTube videos,” he explained.

Switching Styles has highlighted Mako Ray’s Animal Crossing cover. If you want to check out the Animal Crossing cover of “Africa” by Toto, watch it here.

Covers are a way for Mako Ray not only to interact with the audience but with the music itself. It’s combination of the original artist’s work and Mako Ray’s.

“There are certain songs I love so much that I want to sort of…how would I describe it? It’s like I want to embed myself in them, physically feel them, do everything I can to pay homage to them and just enjoy their composition first-hand. Learning how to play/sing them is the best way to do that.” he describes.

My favorite cover I’ve done is a video on my channel called “Barrens, Glen, Refuge” which is a cover of the three main area themes from a game called Oneshot. I used both a piano keyboard and its drum pad simultaneously”

Oneshot’s “Barrens, Glen, Refuge” Piano + Drumpad Cover

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  1. I am dating that boy! He is lovely and talented! More people should appreciate his skills and hard work!!!

  2. I whole heartedly agree!

    (This is hands down the most adorable comment I’ve ever received on any of my articles. Thank you!!)

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