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Interview With Notedead

Are you ready? Are you sure you’re ready for this? We don’t think you are, but you better get ready. Switching Styles has the answers you need with this interview with Notedead.

Introductions All Around!

Max Preuss (drums) and Trymer Martin (guitars/vocals) combine to form the band, Notedead. It all started where all great bands start, with a passion for music. The band found their start during the 2020 global COVID-19 pandemic, despite the hardships. Everything was rough. That didn’t stop them. For Notedead, this was a new beginning. The band formed in 2020 and has been rocking the world since.

Q&A Between Switching Styles and Notedead!

In an interview with switching styles, they’ve opened up about their band, their process, and their goals. Read below to get to know Notedead even better!

What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?

 Music emits emotion. I long to feel what the artist felt when they wrote the song and kind of experience it together. Music is also everywhere, from malls to elevators. And rhythm is in footsteps and your heartbeat, it’s everything.

 The emotions a song can put you through makes me feel alive

How did Notedead start and how did the Covid 19 Pandemic impact your band?

 Early on in Covid times when everything stopped and when we couldn’t jam with our bands Trymer started writing his own stuff and asked Max to write drums along with it. We both quickly realized that our writing for our respective instruments clicked together.

We started ripping out songs super-fast, so we decided to continue writing under our own band together which is Notedead.

How is being an Edmonton-based band impacted Notedead?

 It’s funny because only half of the band (Max) is Edmonton based and the other half (Trymer) is from Lacombe so it’s almost a long-distance type band relationship.

 The local music scene in Edmonton has a great group of people who support and encourage us, and we are forever grateful.

What inspired you to start playing and making music?


 Before I got into my own music I listened to my dad’s classic rock/metal, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Foreigner, ZZ Top, etc. Anyways but I’m in grade 5 I had some project to do at school and there was another classmate who did his project, but his was on Sum 41 and it caught my eye, so I got the CD “all killer no filler” at a Walmart in Manitoba, and that cd changed me.

From there I adopted my first taste of music away from my parents and it inspired me to want to play guitar, the ball started rolling from there!


Rock band. I loved the game because I was able to some of jam along to my favorite songs while simultaneously learning a basic version of the drums. I got very good at that game, and it made my transition into real drums very easy.

My music teacher in junior high band class then asked if anybody knew how and I volunteered to learn some percussion. The rest is history, between drum lessons, drumming for my high school jazz band & winning jazz artist of the year, it’s safe to say I’m a real drummer now

What bands or genres inspire your sound?

 Counterparts, Napoleon, Dance Gavin Dance, to name a few… but it’s really so hard to say what inspires our sound, so many bands growing up shaped us into the musicians we are and what our preferences are as well.

We also use it a lot! Of dead notes haha

Describe your creative process when you write new music.

 We both write our music on Guitar Pro. being as we are far away from each other, and we both enjoy the punctualness we can read. Trymer usually comes up with the first riff and then sends it to Max and Max writes the drums and then we work together from there, writing the song section by section.

Sometimes there will be a pre-discussed idea before we start on our next track, but we always write song by song and never add too much to our plates.

What’s your favorite venue for performing? Why?

 We don’t play shows as we are only a 2 man band writing songs to share with people, but if we could Trymer would want to play the St. Andrews United Church in Lacombe as he used to play local punk shows there growing up (it’s kind of odd I know, but it was so much fun!) and Max wishes we could play at Polar Park Brewery in Edmonton but it unfortunately just closed down.

What are some of your current projects?

 Currently, we have some new music in the bank but nothing to confirm aside from our new album “Separate Paths”. However, Max is in 2 other bands, Withered Days and Sol Runner.

What advice would you give to musicians just starting?

 Listen to music as often as you can. Find something that you wish you could make your own and take that drive to make your own with your inspiration and feelings

 Don’t give up, you’re going to suck at times, but music is a lifelong partner if you let it be.

Is there anything you wanted to mention that I didn’t ask about?

 Yes, our new album ‘Separate Paths’ is out September 9th

Interviews Reviews

Featuring Notedead

This content was sponsored by Notedead. Thank you for supporting local music blogs like Switching Styles!!

Are you sure you’re ready for this? Are you ready for truly hardcore music? We don’t think you are, but you better get ready. Notedead is one of the most hardcore bands in the province, and they’re not stopping any time soon.


The band formed in 2020 and has been rocking the world since. They’ve been releasing music since their debut in 2021 with the release of their Best Wishes EP. Then the single “Labyrinth” was released a year later.

Max Preuss (drums) and Trymer Martin (guitars/vocals) combine to form the band, Notedead. It all started where all great bands start, with a passion for music. Despite the hardships, the band found their start during the 2020 global COVID-19 pandemic. The covid pandemic was a tough time for Canadian musicians. Venues were closed. Live performances were limited. Finances for everyone were rough. Everything was rough. That didn’t stop them. For Notedead, this was a new beginning.

Getting Started.

Trymer started writing instrumental tracks solo during the quarantine. Channelling the pressure, uncertainty, and anxiety into the melodies, he created three of Notedead’s first songs. But something was missing, and that something was Max. As a drummer, Max had felt the impact of the pandemic firsthand. Trymer reached out and Max took to his role like a fish to water. They both quickly realized that their writing was an amazing match. That’s the exact moment that Notedead was created.

You may think you know the post-hardcore genre, but not like this. Max is a drummer, not only for Notedead but also for Withered Days and Sol Runner. His skill combined with Trymer’s artistry makes entirely unique music. This band brings something fresh to the post-hardcore genre. The band is inspired by classic rock and metal legends; Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Foreigner, and ZZ Top. That’s not all. Notedead’s influences also include contemporary bands such as Counterparts, Napoleon, and Dance Gavin Dance. Notedead is breathing a new kind of life into the genre with its music.

“A dynamic, immersive, and progressive assimilation of heavy influences. Rangy guitars work that balances urgent and melodic astutely and a pummeling vocal delivery intertwines deftly with the instrumental unit”

Raves Katie from Carry The 4 PR.

Their Music

This post-hardcore Canadian band is bringing out all the stops in their music. Notedead is bringing forth impressive drums, emotive lyrics, and an emotional connection to each one of its listeners. All their music has such a profound level of depth to it. Each note, each strum, and each word have a meaning and a purpose. That purpose is to connect with the listener within that moment.

Their most recent release is an album called “Separate Paths.” This album of 11 hardcore songs has been available as of September 9, 2022. Not even one of the album’s songs is flat when it comes to emotions. The songs all tell a story of humanity and share a part of the human condition. Pain, anger, joy, rage, and misery, it’s all there in their music.

Notedead is aiming to be one of the greats coming from right here in Edmonton, Alberta. The goal was never to impress people. It never has been. It’s been about the music. The real goal is to write great music that speaks to the human heart. Find their music online on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and Bandcamp.

Check them out and let us know what you think!!

Edmonton Music Festivals To Attend In July

Need a list of summer Edmonton music festivals in YEG? We’ve got you covered.

Introducing July’s Music Festivals

Here is a list of all the festivals happening in July. Trust us, there’s no shortage of music festivals happening in the Edmonton area. Switching styles is excited to bring you an extensive list of #YEGs music festivals from Servus Patio Series to the Edmonton International Street Performers Festival To K-Days! Don’t wait too long. Get your tickets for these events right away.

Photo by Thibault Trillet on

Servus Patio Series Concerts At La Cite Francophone – June 9th – August 11

The series is celebrating the French culture within the Edmonton area. this festival highlights local francophone artists, businesses, and musicians. Located in the heart of Edmonton’s French quarter next to the iconic mill creek ravine, it’s time for more live music.

The annual patio series concerts featuring Edmonton-based, and internationally recognized musicians is back. Every Thursday evening between June 9th and August 11th, there’s a wide variety of musical styles come rain or shine. The ambiance and atmosphere are incomparable. Hosted by Cafe Bicyclette, the café will supply a delicious patio menu that’s both elegant and unique. Whether you arrive by foot, transit, bike, or car, come on down to Cité Francophone and Café Bicyclette. For more information visit their website.

Opera & Music Theatre Festival June 5th To July 16

This year’s 2022 opera & music theatre festival features a variety of concerts, events, opera, and musical theatre performances. Each one is perfect for the entire family. There are three mainstage shows available throughout the festival. The first is the consul which is a contemporary opera sung in English at the masonic hall on June 29, 30, and July 2 & 3. The next one is the Coronation of Poppea, an early-music opera sung in Italian, with English subtitles performed at the Triffo Theatre, on July 9, 10, 12 & 14. The third is tuck everlasting, a Broadway musical for the whole family, also at Triffo Theatre on July 13, 15 & 16. That’s not all. That’s only the opera performances. There are other musical events including a grand night for singing, vocal gems, and a behind scenes masterclasses.

Visit to learn more.

Edmonton International Street Performers Festival July 8-17

Considered the flagship for Edmonton’s summer festivals, the works art & design festival and the Edmonton international street performers festival are teaming up to present this 10-day festival.

This festival has been supplying entertainment for the whole family for nearly 4 decades of variety performers, visual art, shenanigans, music, food, and fun. This festival is located in the heart of downtown at the Sir Winston Churchill Square at 99 street and 102 an avenue.

Musicians attending include Vinyl Burns, Ben Sures, The Violin Kid, And Jessa Sky. These are just the musicians as the street performers festival includes a range of talents. Attending talent includes magicians, cartoonists, storytellers, comedians, acrobats and so much more. This is a festival you don’t want to miss.

Learn more at

C’mon Festival July 14 – 17

This pay-what-you-can festival is offered at the Winspear Centre, At 4 Winston Churchill Square. Musicians attending includes various fantastic instrumental performers. Alissa Cheung and Daniel Gervais perform with violins on Thursday.

Music for string quartet including Alissa Cheung, Ewald Cheung (Violins), Ethan Filner (Viola), Nicholas Yee (Cello), Rob Spady (Clarinet), Matthew Howatt (Bassoon), And Kathryn Macintosh (Alto & Tenor Trombone) Is Performed Friday Evening. Saturday includes Violinissimo with Alissa Cheung, Aiyana Anderson, Anna Kozak, Sylvia Chow & Ehren Moser as well as the festival finale with all of the above musicians plus Mark Segger on percussion. Bring all your friends, family, and kids to this family-friendly and budget-friendly music festival.

Learn more here at

K-Days – July 22 – 31

As Edmonton’s biggest summer festival, K-Days has 10 days of exciting and eclectic musicians performing.

The musical line up Includes Marianas Trench, Ryland James, Crystal Waters, Legends Of Edmonton Drag, Party Queens And More, The Indigo-Hauz Of Beaver Hills, Steve Micheals (Elvis Impersonator), David James & Big River, Kieza, Reve, Streetheart, Toronto, Snotty Nose Rez Kids, Jason Benoit, Jade Eagelson, Captain Tractor, Classified, Tyler Shaw, Steven Lee Olsen, Nate Smith, And After Midtown. For the full dates and times, check out the schedule.

Hosted at the expo centre and exhibition grounds, there are quite a bit of option for parking and for public transit. Check out more information at!

Disco At the Park July 30 – 31

Disco is coming back in a big way with this two-day festival hosted at Louise McKinney Riverfront Park. This is the second annual disco in the park right here in central Alberta. This weekend promised to be full of dancing along with a fully listened venue, food, amazing DJ sets and live music performances. Musical talent includes Jellybean Benitez, Angelo Ferreri, Kathy Brown & Taz, Hotmood, The Brasstactics, Cozmic Cat, Cyclist, Funk Hunk, Dunmore Park, Wijit, Maurice, Junior Brow, Work Party & Wax Theory, Oh-Me & Femme Funk, Back To Life DJs, Joses, St. Croix, Mae, Anzu, Ben Colmen, Dusty Grooves, Will Hempfree, Yuri, and Hatiras. Spend your long weekend full of unforgettable vibes.

Check out more right here.

Edmonton Heritage Festival July 30 – August 1

This festival is bringing you a taste of Canada’s national heritage. the Edmonton Heritage Festival is back to celebrate multiculturalism. World music week includes a range of amazing performances right here at the Heritage Amphitheatre. Performers include Neha Batra, DJ Game Girl, Punjabi Heritage & Folk, Chubby Cree, Alaine, Soji Joseph, Melafrique, Digging Roots, Billie Joe Green, Bill Birdsong Miller, Brandon Baker, and Kaely Jade.

Learn more at!

Concluding Thoughts

July is a happening month for music festivals. That’s exciting for music lovers of Edmonton! We’d love to see your music fest pics on our social media! Tag us on your favourite social media platforms!

Covers Remixes Reviews Switching styles

Reviewing “Overwhelmed” By Royal and The Serpent

Bringing you relatable feelings and anxiety is Royal and the Serpent. Switching styles is reviewing the song “Overwhelmed”.

Introducing The Overwhelming Topic

To get started here is the original song by royal and the serpent. If you haven’t watched the music video, you certainly should!

This is such a wonderful song. It’s not just that this song is popular on Tik Tok. And it’s not about its eleven million views on YouTube. It’s not just that the music video was artistically shot on Kodiak’s 16 mm film. All of those are damn impressive elements but the aspect that stood out to me is the feeling of the song.

Don’t mind me getting personal with my readers. With someone with anxiety, ADHD and depression, the highs, and lows of the song itself are very reminiscent of when all the mental illnesses combined. There’s a lot of high energy and repetition, and then it’s quiet for a little bit. This is what goes on inside my head. Royal and the serpent nail it.

“All I wanted really to do with ‘“Overwhelmed” ’ was to give it to people to hopefully make them feel better,” Says Royal In An Interview With Marni Zipper Of Audacy.

What Do I Do If I Relate To “Overwhelmed” By Royal and The Serpent”?

The first step would be to take a deep breath. Talk to someone you trust. Ideally, this would be a doctor but sometimes that’s not very possible with timing, schedules, finances, jobs, and school. Some of the things that are making you anxious, upset, or even plain unsettled. In the short, it’s valid to relate to music. Heck, it’s encouraged. With mental illness, it helps to talk about it and to relate to others that know how you’re feeling. Because you’re not alone. Not in the slightest.

What Even Is Mental Health?

Mental health is someone’s emotional, mental, and sometimes spiritual wellbeing. It’s important for a list of varied reasons; better coping strategies, improved relationships, a feeling of purpose and potential, increased productivity, and better physical health.

Did you know that mental disorders and mental illness can raise your risk for physical health concerns including ulcers, migraines stroketype 2 diabetes, and heart disease?

What Do I Do If I Think I Have Anxiety Like in The Song?

If you think that you have concerns about mental health, a call to your doctor is a great first step. If you find yourself struggling with mental health, there’s never a right time to get help. Don’t wait for the right time. Reach out for help when you need it.

There’s also no right way to get help. Talk to your friends and family. Get a therapy appointment. Discuss your feelings with your doctor. Download CBT workbooks. Try mindfulness meditation. There are so many different options that work better for different people. Find what works for you to be the best version of yourself.

Cover Songs to Bring You a Smile

Here’s what the readers are here for, to be encouraged and given some amazing music.

Now the question is, can other artists make the same impact with the song? There’s an almost overwhelming amount of amazing cover artists out there. (Pun intended, I’m not sorry). Here are some covers of the song “Overwhelmed.”

“Overwhelmed” Covered By Emma Hamel

“Overwhelmed” ” Covered By Living in Fiction

“Overwhelmed” Covered By【 Slow Tea 】

“Overwhelmed” Covered by Zizoucorn Ft Robert Grace and Luxcity

“Overwhelmed” Covered By Rubychan’s Nightcore

Covers Reviews Switching styles

Bringing You Quirky Songs By Wild Child

Wild child’s song “Crazy Bird” is an amazing bop about love, fear, and longing. This is an adorable song between two quirky kids. Take a look at the adorable and quirky music video.

Introduction To This Wild Child

This American Indi pop band hails from Austin Texas. Since 2010, they’ve been creating music for people all around the world.

The band members include Kelsey Wilson (lead vocals and violin), Alexander Beggins (lead vocals and baritone ukulele), Sadie Wolfe (cello), Tyler Osmond (bass), Matt Bradshaw (keyboard and trumpet), Cody Ackors (guitar and trombone), and Tom Myers (drums). Starting as The Migrant, Wilson and begins started the indie act. To complete the sound they were going for, they needed help. That’s where the other musicians were added in. Their talents just heightened the newly formed Wild Child Band.

Pillow Talk was their first released album in 2011, with quite a lot of interest. Next came “The Runaround following in 2013. New albums followed with Fools (2015), Expectations (2018), and Single (2018).

Wild Child has a range of romantic songs. The song we’re looking at today, “Crazy Bird” is the third song on the 2013 album The Runaround. This sound specifically appeared in the 2014 episode “#drama” of Awkward. That’s not the only song they have in popular media.

  • “Meadows” From Fools Was Shown In The 2015 Episode “Chapter 28” Of Jane The Virgin.
  • “Bad Girl” From Fools Was Featured In The 2016 Episode “Things We Lost In The Fire” Of The Vampire Diaries.
  • “Fools” From Fools Appeared in the 2016 Episode “Girls Gone Viral” Of Awkward.
  • “Meadows” From Fools Came Up In The 2017 Episode “In The Eye Abides The Heart” Of Pretty Little Liars.

“Crazy Bird” as A Love Song

There’s a reason this song has been popping on your For You page, your music suggestions, your pop cultures. It’s a darn good and relatable song. “Are your bags travelin’ elsewhere / You need to know I got the bones / Rollin’ hard against the floor / And if you left, I’d break until the little pieces felt no more,” these are the lyrics to the song. They slap. They get rather deep, romantic, and yearning. It’s rather dark in a romantic type of way.

Did you know that love songs and music, in general, are so universally known that the average listener can figure out what the purpose of the specific music is?

“Untrained listeners in 60 countries could on average discern the human behaviour associated with culturally unfamiliar musical forms. (“Exploring the Universality of Human Song – NIH Director’s Blog”) These behaviours included dancing, soothing a baby, seeking to heal illness, or expressing love to another person,” wrote Dr. Francis Collins on the National Institute of Health (NIH) Director’s Blog.

The Wild Child’s Music Video of “Crazy Bird”!

Take a deeper look at the music video produced for the song itself. This cinematography and content aren’t what you’d normally expect out of a love song. But weirdly enough it fits. The music video is colourful, weird, artistic, emotionally relevant, and put together oh so magnificently. It relates quite well not only to the song but the overarching themes of love and how God darn crazy it can feel.

Covers Of the Song

Not satisfied with this review. Need more music? Want to learn more about music? Need more “Crazy Bird”? We’ve got more for you. Below are curated covers of Wild Child’s song “Crazy Bird”.

“Crazy Bird” Remix By DJ Princess Kush

“Crazy Bird” Covered By Eli Marten


“Crazy Bird” Covered By We The JMS

Final Thoughts on Wild Child

Give this song a listen and let us know what you think on your favourite social media platforms. What are your thoughts on this vibing song from Wild Child? Who do you think had the best cover of “Crazy Bird”?

Comment below or tag us on Twitter @Styleswitching!

Switching styles

PDGA Events and Background Music

The PDGA has a huge database of disc golf courses with thousands of them throughout the entire globe. In terms of Alberta, there are over 60 different courses spread throughout the province. The southern area of the province includes Calgary, Banff, red deer, and many more! In Calgary alone, there are countless disc golf courses.

The sport itself is low cost, minimal risk, and low difficulty. With all of that in mind, it’s no wonder that the player base has increased so much in such a brief time. Especially in Alberta, this is an increasingly popular sport like golf but utilizes frisbees or discs instead.

Tim Plamondon the president of the Edmonton disc golf association explains, “that’s how I would describe it. At the end of the day and it’s just golf and anyone majority of people know golf and understand conceptually what it is. You whack a ball into a hole.”

Plamondon explains that it’s a wonderful and open community. It’s a trait he’s certainly seen displayed on the field.

“It’s extremely common to compete with people who are also boosting you as you play. Disc golf is a sport where everyone wants everyone to succeed,” says Plamondon.

Background Music

Here are some amazing and upbeat Instrumental covers to get you in the disc-throwing mood!

“Titanium / Pavane” Piano and Cello Instrumental Cover By The Piano Guys

“Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” Violin, Cello, And Bass Instrumental Cover By Simply Three

“Living On A Prayer” Cello Cover By 2Cello

 “Better” Violin Cover By Dsharp

“ Unsainted” Piano Cover By Gamazda

Check out the Calgary Disc Golf Club Events, as well as these additional databases, Disc Golf United Course LocatorUdisc Course DirectoryPDGA Course Directory, or DG Course Review, to find a disc golf course nearby you.

Interviews Parodies Switching styles

Disc Golf Newcomers Welcome

Edmonton, AB – Compared to many sports, disc golf has some of the lowest barriers to entry across Canada. This has contributed to its quick growth.

From 2019 to 2020 alone, there’s been a 33% increase in disc golf games according to Udisc, a mainstream disc golf scoring app and PDGA. That’s not all, according to PDGA’s Annual Report, there are over 53k members worldwide with over 70k in 2020.

There are many reasons for its recent boost in popularity. Disc golf is a wonderful game. It’s a competitive sport that has low barriers to entry, increased accessibility, socially distancing, and noncontact.

Photograph by Jeffrey of Flickr

For those that aren’t familiar with the sport, its name is spot on. Its rules are similar to golf except instead of golf balls and clubs, there are discs or frisbees. Just like golf, the objective is to get the disc in the targe, or the hole in as few tries as possible.

Disc golf has gained popularity throughout Alberta at the start of the pandemic and has exploded in popularity since. Now new and returning players are needing a course to play. There are over 8,000 disc golf courses worldwide, with more being installed every day. Finding a game of great and local disc golf can be difficult depending on your location. There are several organizations throughout southern Alberta, as well as community groups that host the games.

The PDGA has a huge database of disc golf courses with thousands of them throughout the entire globe. In terms of Alberta, there are over 60 different courses spread throughout the province.

The sport itself is low cost, minimal risk, and low difficulty. With all of that in mind, it’s no wonder that the player base has increased so much in such a brief time. Especially in Alberta, this is an increasingly popular sport like golf but utilizes frisbees or discs instead.

Tim Plamondon of the president of the Edmonton disc golf association explains, “that’s how I would describe it. At the end of the day and it’s just golf and anyone majority of people know golf and understand conceptually what it is. You whack a ball into a hole.”

Plamondon explains that it’s a wonderful and open community. It’s a trait he’s certainly seen displayed on the field.

“It’s extremely common to compete with people who are also boosting you as you play. Disc golf is a sport where everyone wants everyone to succeed,” says Plamondon.

Disc Golf Parodies

Here are some musical parodies about disc golf to get you in the mood to start this new sport.

“Disc Golf King” By Bizzair (Profanity Warning)
“Winnebago” By Vally & Rocket
“I Hit A Tree Again” By Back Of The Box Disc Golf
“Sound Of Silence” Disc Golf Parody By Isadg
 “Disc In The Trees” By Discgolfmonkeys
“Paired In Dubs” A “Wicked Game” Disc Golf Parody By Montcalm Gems

Final Thoughts

Check out the Calgary Disc Golf Club Events, as well as these additional databases, Disc Golf United Course LocatorUdisc Course DirectoryPDGA Course Directory, or DG Course Review, to find a disc golf course nearby you.

Veronica Pineapples; Profile of Local Edmonton Musician

“Follow your dreams even if they seem unachievable. Because you won’t achieve your dreams if you won’t even give it a shot.”

Veronica Pineapples

Why pineapples you ask? Because she loves them, but at one point, she feared them.

“I have an obsession with pineapples.” She explains, “I don’t know even know what sparked my obsession with pineapples. I was looking back at the old social media I had back when I was ten. I was posting about pineapples and my love for them”.

It’s a love and an aesthetic all rolled into one. However, it wasn’t always that case. She used to be terrified of pineapples because she choked on one when she was really little. That experience stayed with her for years, until she faced what scared her and gave pineapples another chance.

“At one point, I embrace the fear. I stood up to the fear. And I’ve just tried pineapple again and I fell in love with it. So now I’ve got all these pineapples, I have ceramic pineapples in my room, pineapples hanging on my wall. The cup I’m using right now for my tea has pineapples on it”.

The obsession with pineapples is only a part of the quirky name. Veronica Pineapples became the name of her as a musician because she got a mixed CD as a gift from someone she really looks up to. They titled it Veronica Pineapples and the name stuck.

“I hope it interests people, and they look into me,” she explains, talking about the impact of the quirky name.

Veronica Pineapples is one of Naked Cybercafe and Espresso Bar’s regular patrons at the open mic night.

Veronica frequents the cafe. It’s one of the few venues that are open to all ages. As a 17-year-old musician, there aren’t many venues that cater to minors. Most venues that have live music are 18+.

From the article on Naked Cybercafe & Espresso Bar, she’s one of the artists from the Open Mic Night. It’s an event that she goes to often, to share her music.

“I’ve been to Naked Cybercafe a lot. I love that place,” she said.

She’s a versatile artist with influences ranging from country to metal to polka. Together these genres make an eclectic combination that inspires her. Veronica’s love for music started when she was young. Family was a major part of her musical start. Some of her first memories of her loved ones are intertwined with music.

“My earliest memory that I can remember was my dad holding me when I was really little, and we would dance to the hits of the ’70s,” She said, “Then my mom gave me a little music box toy that would play different genres. I would just constantly annoy everybody by pressing all the buttons on it.”

It wasn’t until she was a bit older that her love for music turned into a love for making music. When she was 8, she got the game Guitar Hero and that’s what really started her into music.

She remembers, “I played that for hours”.

It wasn’t easy. As she started with her first guitar, she had no idea how to play it. She started with YouTube instructional videos, a little bit here and there while she taught herself.

“It would frustrate me,” she explained. And that led her to quit.

In 2012, she picked up her guitar again after convincing her Dad for guitar lessons over the next two years. After leaving the guitar lessons, she had a base knowledge. From there she was able to teach herself and learn on her own. It has been a bit of a struggle for Veronica, but she keeps coming back to music.

“Honestly I’m not very musical. Music is a struggle for me,” Veronica explains that some musicians have natural musical talent, but for her, it’s not the case, “They got the rhythm and an ear for it, whereas my rhythm is going to struggle. But you just gotta keep on keeping on.”

With over 7 years of practice and learning, she’s gained experience and technique through hard work. There’s more to come, and she wants to continue learning to get better. Music is a part of her life and an industry she wants to be in.

“I always dreamt of being a rock star,” Veronica said, “Now I’m playing open mics and I’ve got my first gig at the Naked Cybercafe”.

It was never about fame for her, however. It was about the music, about sharing it with people. Fame, it seems, comes with compromises. For Veronica, the lack of privacy is something she doesn’t want to compromise. Instead of fame, she wants a simple life. Music, for her, is not about fame. Music is about connecting with people.

For many people, music is a way to cope through rough times. There’s music for when you’re heartbroken, for when you’re mourning, for when you’re angry. For Veronica, that’s the main aspect of music for her. If she went through anything hard, music was and is there for her. She wants to be there for people in the same way.

“Music has always been a comfort for me. It was one of the only things that made me happy for a while because I was going through a bunch of tough times” She said, opening up to the impact that music has for her.

Through her music, she wants to have, “lyrics that people can relate to or that really speak to them even if it’s not relatable. Something that’s kind of comforting. Sparks something inside of them.”

At the moment, Veronica is working on an acoustic album with 3 songs so far. It takes time but it’s something she and her fans are excited for.

For young musicians like her, she says that perseverance is key.

“Don’t give up on it. There will be points where you’re learning and feel like you’re at a point where you know what you’re doing, and you realize there’s so much more to learn. You’re like ‘whoa I don’t know what I ‘m doing’. It’s super discouraging.”

“It just takes time,” she said. It’s not easy but if that’s what you love, it’s worth it.

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Local Music Venues: Naked Cyber Cafe & Espresso Bar

Edmonton has a vibrant music community, especially in the downtown core. Though not many people are aware of live music venues beyond the huge stadiums that host well known and famous musicians like Marilyn Manson, Marianas Trench, Snoop Dog, Justin Timberlake, Garth Brooks and so on. But there is so much more that Edmonton has to offer. This photo essay is looking at one live music venue in particular; Naked Cyber Café and Espresso Bar.

If you’re looking for a music venue, you may find Naked Cyber Cafe and Espresso Bar. Though you’ll have to know where to look. The venue itself is a bit of a hidden gem just off of 104th and a bit away from the sidewalk.

Naked Cyber Cafe & Espresso bar sits away from the sidewalk, almost hidden from view

This hidden gem is a place for Edmonton musicians to jam, perform and get their names out there. Local musicians have amazing talent and local live music venues are where they perform. Naked Cyber Cafe And Espresso Bar is one example.

Naked Cyber Cafe and Espresso Bar is one of Edmonton’s live music Venues right in the downtown core

The cafe is a cozy little cafe filled to the brim with art. When you first walk in there’s a wall of cute colourful drawings, complementing the badass paintings hung up behind the stage. A black and white cut out of Elvis Presley is illuminated by a red neon sign reading ‘Naked’. Jalapeno lights frame the stage, lighting up the faces of the musicians. This venue is decorated as rather ascetic, which is a tribute to the range of artistry within their walls.

Neon lights illuminate a black and white cutout of Elvis Presley providing an artistic aesthetic.

Thursdays are their open mic night where anyone can come in and perform. They have a fully equipped stage, complete with sound equipment, lighting, and, of course, instruments. This Thursday it ranged from classical piano recitals to acoustic covers, to electronic music.

Here is a photo essay finished for a school project at MacEwan University. These photos were taken during the open mic this last Thursday showing the venue and the amazing artists that performed.

Open mic night allows a range of musicians to perform their music their way

There’s certainly more to come from Naked Cyber Cafe and Espresso Bar. Keep tuned for future articles on the venue and the artists that perform there.

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