Switching Styles | Statistic | Academic | What? An academic journal article? For a blog about song covers? Say what?? Yep, covers are a cool topic and anything can be a topic for an academic article. Try searching for gummy bears or tattoos on google scholar and you’ll see what I mean.

Babacan Article Review

In conclusion, it seemed that these specific cover versions are preferred over the originals. Yet, the reasons for this are extremely diverse. They range from an emotional response, vocal quality, to instrumental and arrangement. Thus, covers can be seen as better than the originals for a vast variety of reasons. However, this article provides the evidence of three songs and two corresponding covers. This doesn’t provide a full view of all songs or all covers. I think it does offer an interesting point that cover songs are legitimate as a musical form. It also highlights that everyone has their own subjective tastes in music. Continue reading Babacan Article Review