Top 10 #Yeg Cafes for Pokémon Go Dates

Need something casual for a first day? Need something cheap for a fourth date? Need a reason to relax together with date? Pokémon go provides an interactive game that allows for engaging activities with one another but takes away some of the nervousness and awkwardness of modern dating. Continue reading Top 10 #Yeg Cafes for Pokémon Go Dates

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FreddeGredde Q&A

Swedish musician Fredrik Larsson created a musical project titled FreddeGredde to highlight his skills as a musician while bringing in his love for pop culture. With Medleys on pop culture aspects such as The Big Bang Theory, Super Mario Bros, and Disney, combined with countless original songs, this project is a certain success.  Continue reading FreddeGredde Q&A

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Disney Medleys

Now for the main part of this article; Disney medleys. These are full of the same nostalgia and magic of the original Disney songs just multiple in a single song. A medley is a combination of a bunch of different things, a potpourri if you will. Disney medleys are a patchwork quilt of Disney songs that combine different sections of songs from several movies. Continue reading Disney Medleys