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Where To Put Immersion; Lilja Dalgaard Adventures

Below we dive into the story of Lilja Dalgaard, a barbarian were bear created by Switching Style’s main writer, Dylanna Fisher for a GURPS game played with her family and friends. We’ll be going through her adventure and adding in points to change to a different ambience or soundscape. Remember these are just suggestions inside of a very specific example. Make sure that you tell your story your way. Let us know your playlist by tagging us on social media!! Continue reading Where To Put Immersion; Lilja Dalgaard Adventures

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Flighted Freedom Poetic Lyrics

Flighted Freedom Poetic Lyrics by Dylanna Fisher. These are merely lyrics to a poem by our very own writer, Dylanna Fisher. What music would you put to these words? Flighted Freedom Lyrics I want to become a bird If I could Flying would be my superpower If I were super If I had power A majestic creature so small But size doesn’t matter When you’re … Continue reading Flighted Freedom Poetic Lyrics

Pinar Toprak in her music studio

NFL Anthem from Pinar Toprak

Toprak is a Turkish-American composer. Only in her early 40s, she has written scores for some of the biggest video game franchises and blockbuster movies including those in the superhero genre. A quick sample includes the game “Fortnite” and the movie “Captain Marvel.” Her impressive resume began in 2004 with the short films “Hold The Rice” and “Headbreaker” both directed by Alfonso Pineda Ulloa. Continue reading NFL Anthem from Pinar Toprak

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Science Fiction Background Music For Video Games, RPGS, And LARPing

Science fiction has long been a genre full of wonder and exploration. The genre itself allows for endless possibilities. That’s what attracts audiences to the genre regardless of its medium. The music that accompanies science fiction is amazingly creative and diverse. The sound effects are mainly intended to be otherworldly and unlike anything we’ve seen before.  Follow the topic of Sci-fi on Switching styles by signing up for our newsletter or visiting here. Continue reading Science Fiction Background Music For Video Games, RPGS, And LARPing