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A Q&A with Thadudette

Thaddie parodies, AKA Thadudette is a parody musician creating Disney, cartoon, anime, and gaming parodies to “make people emit hahas out of their chew holes”. Continue reading A Q&A with Thadudette

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Laughing while Farming; Stardew Valley Parodies

As you’ve most likely noticed, Switching Styles portrays musical artistry in all its forms including serious and not so serious content. Today’s article is not so serious. We’re taking the peaceful and serene soundtrack of Stardew valley and showcasing the parody side of it. Continue reading Laughing while Farming; Stardew Valley Parodies

Add in background music, back up vocalists, and instrumental, and it's sometimes hard to hear the lyrics for what they truly are. This leads to misheard lyrics that are often hilarious. 

What did you say?; Misheard Lyrics

This is actually a fairly common occurrence. There’s a phenomenon called mondegreens, It means, “a word or phrase resulting from a mishearing of another word or phrase, especially in a song or poem”.

The phrase came from an American writer by the name of Slyvia Wright, and written about San Francisco Chronicle columnist Jon Carroll. Mondegreen is inspired by a misheard line in a poem. She misheard “he laid him on the green” as “Lady Mondegreen” from the Scottish ballad “The Bonny Earl o Moray”. Continue reading What did you say?; Misheard Lyrics

Switching Styles

Humour from Chaos; Parodies for the COVID-19 Virus

Although this is a serious pandemic, there is a place for humour in keeping our spirits up. That’s what people do in a time of high stress. There are so many Covid-19 parodies, way more than I thought there would be. I am continuously impressed with the music community and their responses to the crisis. There’s humour, support, information, and sharing. It’s a great community!! … Continue reading Humour from Chaos; Parodies for the COVID-19 Virus