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Guide To Hold Music for Your Business

Hold music for your business is vital. Hold music, also known as MOH, Music-On-Hold, or Phone Hold Music is a vital aspect to have for any business.

It may seem like something trivial, but it has a huge impact on customer relations especially if a business is often done over the phone. Not only does it improve business relationships with their customers through phone calls but boosts the customer’s opinion of the brand.

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Why Is Hold Music Important?

Music is amazing for its ability to elevate a moment. Music improves brand perception. A study from Mood Media and Sacem explains that music improves overall business if done right.

  • 76 percent of customers felt that their service wait times passed faster when music was playing.
  • The perception of a business as “premium” increased by 20 points, from 36 percent to 56 percent when the business played music.
  • 93 percent of employees preferred music versus no music at work.
  • The majority of customers, particularly in banking, felt more comfortable having confidential, private conversations when music was playing to somewhat mask their conversations from others.

“This conclusive study reinforces that correctly designed music can improve the ambience ambiance and Customer Experience in a variety of business environments, even in those industries not part of traditional retail. Every business that welcomes on-site customers and clients into their space has a legitimate reason to incorporate music – not only because it is an integral part of people’s daily lives, but because music is as important to the Customer Experience as lighting, store layout or other key element design features,” said Valentina Candeloro, International Marketing Director at Mood Media.


Tips For Choosing the Right Hold Music.

This can be a hard thing to choose as music is very subjective both to the business and to the customer. Picking the right music means enhancing the customer’s experience with your company. Don’t underestimate a customer’s experience even if it’s just on the phone.


Match The Music to Your Brand

Matching the music to the feel and image of your brand ensures a great experience for the customer as well as enhancing your brand’s image.

Over 70 percent of customers had a more positive view of a business’ image when the site was playing music. Moreover, 65 percent of customers agreed that on-site music helped to differentiate the business from its competition.

If your company is for a live music venue in downtown Edmonton, upbeat and contemporary music would be the best. However, if your company is a senior assisted living facility maybe something with a childish Gambino flair is a bad idea.

Don’t Let It the Music Stagnate

Update your music regularly and frequently. This keeps your brand perception new and trendy. That aspect is important when competing against others in the same industry.

Nobody wants to listen to the same hold music every single time they make a reservation or an appointment. This is highly important if making a phone call is a regular activity for your clients, such as a doctor’s office or a retail location with a wide service area.


Chose Your Hold Music Wisely

If you have multiple different lines for different departments, consider having different hold music tailored for the caller’s reason to call.

In the study by Mood Media and Sacem, when more traditionally serious sectors such as banking & pharmacy were silent, only 33 percent of customers initially thought adding music would feel appropriate in those establishments. However, once music was introduced, 76 percent of customers agreed the music was compatible and complementary to the business.


Ensure High Quality

Although hold music can suck simply because it’s not good quality music but typically It’s the phone system that’s used instead of the music.

If the music sounds like a cassette player in a tin can being used as a pinata, don’t blame the musician. It’s probably a tech issue as phone systems are made and designed for human voices which have a different range than music. Quality is key and it doesn’t mean just the music. Nothing is worse than hold music that sounds like it’s coming from inside a tin can. check your phone system’s


Where do you find Hold music?

As a small business or freelancer, obtaining music may seem like a daunting task. If you don’t have access to a musician on hand, or the finances to pay for the media outright, your options seem limited. But there are other options available.

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Commissioning Hold Music

This is one avenue to find music by commissioning hold music from various artists throughout your community. Consider who you’d want to create your hold music and what style would fit with your business. Once those are figured out, reach out to the music community explaining what you need and what you’re able to offer.

Where to reach out for music commissions

  • Reach out to local community choirs, music schools, theatres
  • Search online for bartering sites like Fiverr, or Simbi
  • Connect to musicians on social media or forums like Facebook or Reddit
  • Share a contract position job for the creation of your hold music.

Here are some artists that commission holds music and highlight their work.

If none of these tickle your hold music fancy, check out directories such as Yeg Music, Music Folders, MusicXS, among others to find a musician with a sound you like and reach out to them.


Royalty-Free Hold Music

Royalty-free music is music that you’re able to use without having to pay royalties. The reason for this is that the artist has put the work into a public domain or has given up the rights to them. These can also be works of music that have aged long enough to be naturally in the public domain.

Here are some various places to find royalty-free hold music.


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