Bringing You Quirky Songs By Wild Child

Wild child’s song “Crazy Bird” is an amazing bop about love, fear, and longing. This is an adorable song between two quirky kids. Take a look at the adorable and quirky music video.

Introduction To This Wild Child

This American Indi pop band hails from Austin Texas. Since 2010, they’ve been creating music for people all around the world.

The band members include Kelsey Wilson (lead vocals and violin), Alexander Beggins (lead vocals and baritone ukulele), Sadie Wolfe (cello), Tyler Osmond (bass), Matt Bradshaw (keyboard and trumpet), Cody Ackors (guitar and trombone), and Tom Myers (drums). Starting as The Migrant, Wilson and begins started the indie act. To complete the sound they were going for, they needed help. That’s where the other musicians were added in. Their talents just heightened the newly formed Wild Child Band.

Pillow Talk was their first released album in 2011, with quite a lot of interest. Next came “The Runaround following in 2013. New albums followed with Fools (2015), Expectations (2018), and Single (2018).

Wild Child has a range of romantic songs. The song we’re looking at today, “Crazy Bird” is the third song on the 2013 album The Runaround. This sound specifically appeared in the 2014 episode “#drama” of Awkward. That’s not the only song they have in popular media.

  • “Meadows” From Fools Was Shown In The 2015 Episode “Chapter 28” Of Jane The Virgin.
  • “Bad Girl” From Fools Was Featured In The 2016 Episode “Things We Lost In The Fire” Of The Vampire Diaries.
  • “Fools” From Fools Appeared in the 2016 Episode “Girls Gone Viral” Of Awkward.
  • “Meadows” From Fools Came Up In The 2017 Episode “In The Eye Abides The Heart” Of Pretty Little Liars.

“Crazy Bird” as A Love Song

There’s a reason this song has been popping on your For You page, your music suggestions, your pop cultures. It’s a darn good and relatable song. “Are your bags travelin’ elsewhere / You need to know I got the bones / Rollin’ hard against the floor / And if you left, I’d break until the little pieces felt no more,” these are the lyrics to the song. They slap. They get rather deep, romantic, and yearning. It’s rather dark in a romantic type of way.

Did you know that love songs and music, in general, are so universally known that the average listener can figure out what the purpose of the specific music is?

“Untrained listeners in 60 countries could on average discern the human behaviour associated with culturally unfamiliar musical forms. (“Exploring the Universality of Human Song – NIH Director’s Blog”) These behaviours included dancing, soothing a baby, seeking to heal illness, or expressing love to another person,” wrote Dr. Francis Collins on the National Institute of Health (NIH) Director’s Blog.

The Wild Child’s Music Video of “Crazy Bird”!

Take a deeper look at the music video produced for the song itself. This cinematography and content aren’t what you’d normally expect out of a love song. But weirdly enough it fits. The music video is colourful, weird, artistic, emotionally relevant, and put together oh so magnificently. It relates quite well not only to the song but the overarching themes of love and how God darn crazy it can feel.

Covers Of the Song

Not satisfied with this review. Need more music? Want to learn more about music? Need more “Crazy Bird”? We’ve got more for you. Below are curated covers of Wild Child’s song “Crazy Bird”.

“Crazy Bird” Remix By DJ Princess Kush

“Crazy Bird” Covered By Eli Marten


“Crazy Bird” Covered By We The JMS

Final Thoughts on Wild Child

Give this song a listen and let us know what you think on your favourite social media platforms. What are your thoughts on this vibing song from Wild Child? Who do you think had the best cover of “Crazy Bird”?

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The Future Of Esports Serenaded By Background Remixes

The future of Esports is a delicate balance with both burdens and benefits.

What Are Esports?

Esports, or Electronic Sports, is a form of competitive sport focusing on video games. These competitions are structured as organized multiplayer video game competitions with professional players. These professional players compete both as individuals and teams. Competition in video games was already there. Esports took it to another level.

Present Situation

According to Insider Intelligence, there is a monthly average of 26.6 million Esports viewers in the United States alone. This has increased from 23.9 million in 2020 and 21.1 million in 2019.

The demographics of E-sport fans are typically what you’d expect with the majority between 16 and 34 years old. According to the Global Web Index, 32% of internet users that watch Esports tournaments throughout the world are between the ages of 16 and 24, 30% are 25 to 34 years old. There is statistically older demographic is 19% are 35 to 44 years old, 10% are 45 to 54 years old, and only 6% are from the 55 to 64 age brackets. There’s a good reason for that grouping of age ranges – the typical retirement age is twenty-five.


The future of Esports; Why Is Esports Growing?

Esports is an industry that’s gaining speed. According to Insider Intelligence, there is a monthly average of 26.6 million Esport viewers in the united states alone. This has increased from 23.9 million in 2020 and 21.1 million in 2019. The industry has grown due to several circumstances. The industry has grown due to several circumstances explained Foley & Lardner; continued social distancing, the growth of online streaming platforms and increased big brands sponsoring esports

What does 2021 hold? The same data set projects that 2022 and 2021 will follow suit and increase to 39.6 million, and 31.4 million, respectively.


What’s Holding The Future of Esports Back From Growing Faster?

While the esports industry shows amazing promise, its growth is not without hardships. The from the typical threats associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, there are other crucial esports industry growth barriers that stakeholders and investors should take note of.

Survey results from Foray and Lorey.

  • 77% Inability to Hold Large In-Person Events Due To COVID-19
  • 65% Continued Declines in Advertising And Sponsorship Spending
  • 46% Hesitancy to Invest In Esports Teams Due To Market Uncertainty
  • 31% Difficulty Obtaining Additional Capital from Current Sponsors

Video Game Remixes That Pair Perfectly With Esports

Below are some great remixes to put on in the background while enjoying Esports. These aren’t the only remixes that work while gaming.  Switching Styles has a great range of remixes such as Snake Jazz Remixes, and if you even want some real-world remixes, there are Covid-19 remixes.

“Valorant Theme Song” Remix By Halftrue

“Shadowlands Lo-Fi Remix: Ardenweald” Remix By Drayzher


“Super Smash Bros. Melee” Remix By Video Game Remixes


“Hearthstone” Remix Lucas Fader


“Fortnite Theme Song” Remix By Justin Caruso


“Overwatch Victory Theme” Remix By Drop The Bassline


“Apex Legends” Remix By Trap Music


Final Thoughts

Despite the challenges faced by this emerging industry, the Esports market is bound to continuously grow. The Future Of Esports is an interesting topic. Finally, the majority of fans (60%) think it will take at least a year for esports investment activity to return to pre-pandemic levels.

Take these Esports facts and the background remixes for a weekend of fun!


Stardew Valley; Not Just Fun and Games

“You’ve inherited your grandfather’s old farm plot in Stardew Valley. Armed with hand-me-down tools and a few coins, you set out to begin your new life!”

Stardew Valley Description from Steam

And what are you going to do with this newfound inheritance in this whimsical town?
Make your grandfather proud while enjoying the game’s fantastic gameplay and soundtrack.

Stardew Valley Review

It’s a game that’s not only easy to play but easy to lose yourself in.  With simple controls and a dynamic storyline, this game will whisk you away to a world of relaxation and friendship. But it’s far from a child care-free game. With in-depth character development, deeply realistic themes, and secret unlockable scenes and areas, this isn’t your average farming simulator. Due to its quality, it’s gained high ratings from several online reviewers including a 9.5/10 on IGN, a 10/10 on Steam and a 87% on MetaCritic.

“The core mechanics and relaxing aesthetic merge so well together that players will sink in to the experience and never want to leave,” describes Destructoid

“There’s a comfort in Stardew Valley that I’ve rarely found in other games….Whether you want to farm, fish, fight monsters, craft, mine, become everyone’s best friend, or do a little bit of everything, this farming adventure has plenty to offer,” Reviews Miranda Sanchez on IGN discussing its 9.5/10 score of Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Soundtrack

There’s more than just the gameplay especially when we’re discussing it on Switching Styles. As you’ll see below with the musical element, this is a sweet and nostalgic soundtrack all thanks to Eric Barone.

In fact, the entire game is all thanks to Barone. The initial release of Stardew Valley was created by a single person. This includes all of the music, graphics, coding, writing, and so on. Barone is the mind and passion behind Stardew Valley, known by his online persona as “ConcernedApe,”. Taking inspiration from the beloved classic Harvest Moon (now called Story of Seasons), he created an entire world of creative and peaceful farming.

Furthermore, he is also the man behind the music of Stardew Valley. The soundtrack contains soft orchestral music which blends in really well with the visuals and gameplay.

“The music that changes with each season perfectly fits the mellowness of the 16-bit countryside town and all the activities that await offer both peace in my daily routines and excitement in the land’s mysteries,” continues Miranda Sanchez in her review.

Stardew Valley Cover Songs

Check out the whole soundtrack on BandCamp, Steam, and Spotify. Below are some renditions of Barone’s work in StarDew Valley. Enjoy!

“Summer (Tropicala)” Jazz Cover by Craig Matterson Music

“Summer (Crescendo)” Guitar Cover by Ferdk

“Spring (It’s a Big World Outside)” Remix by InspirAspir

“The Wind Can Be Still” Violin cover by Patti Rudisill

“Raven’s Descent” Lo-Fi BeatREmix by not andromada

“Nocturne of Ice (Winter)” Acoustic Cover by Josiah Everhart

“The Lava Dwellers” Remix by Petpet

“Journey of The Prairie King” Remix by NoteBlock

“Spring (The Valley Comes Alive)” Orchestral Cover by The Young Artists Orchestra of Las Vegas

“Stardew Valley” Music Box Medley by BoxOfMusic

Now, we want to know what you think about the Stardew Valley soundtrack! Comment Below!


YouTuber Remixes; Markiplier

Markiplier, YouTube Streamer, and gamer made famous on YouTube. With a larger than life personality, he’s gained a great deal of popularity through his YouTube content. This content is primarily video game playthroughs but there’s also the creative content such as Unus Annus, and various collaborations.

His notable game uploads are typically horror and indie games including Neverending Nightmares, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, SCP – Containment Breach, and Five Nights at Freddy’s. These games allow him to show off his personality, comedy, and his fun-to-watch gaming skills. His collaborations are with several other YouTubers such as PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, CinnamonToastKen, CrankGamePlays, Muyskerm and LordMinion777, amongst many others.

In 2017, Mark hit the goal of most influential YouTuber ranking higher than the most subscribed YouTubers, PewDiePie, and whinderssonnunes. On his channel, he’s gained more than 14 billion total video views and over 27 million subscribers. Winning the Golden Joystick Awards Best Streamer/Broadcaster in 2017 and Make-A-Wish Foundation Award Ceremony Celebrity of the Year in 2016, he’s certainly an accomplished streamer.

Fun Fact: At each milestone of 1,000,000, he publishes a milestone video to show his gratitude to his growing audience.

He shares his appreciation and the works he has coming up in the future. Because of this, and his emotional transparency, he’s known as one of the most caring YouTubers in the field.

However, the most caring YouTuber isn’t just about appreciating his fans but also his charity works. With a side of philanthropy, he hosts regular charity live streams to raise money for charities including Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Between him and his audience, they’ve raised $1,118,645.14 in total with that number growing every month.

Fun Fact: Like many YouTubers, Mark has been involved in music throughout his life. With works such as his older outro music tracks, “Funky Outro”. He’s also sung in several other videos including “How to Beat A Monkey at Chess: THE MUSICAL”, “FNAF: The Musical Feat. Markiplier (Night 1)”, and “Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Musical – Night 2”.

Though as many of you know, we’re not here just to talk about Markiplier’s accomplishments as a YouTuber but his stardom in remixes. Taking his game plays and turning them into musical masterpieces are the artists below!

“Space is Cool” by Schmoyoho

“Space is Cool” is a heartwarming remix about space and mark’s love for it.

If you weren’t aware from listening to the song, Markiplier loves space. It captures the childlike wonder that many children and adults alike have towards space. It’s sweet that Schmoyoho captures his love of space and his overall energy.

“I’m Sleeping” by Endigo.

This is very eerie because of the horror content of the original video is a horror game where you play as a baby. Taking that into consideration with the combination of mark’s voice, this remix is that much more unnerving.

Endigo’s description under the video reads, “Enjoy this epic symphonic rock song “starring” Markimoo :D”.

“I Don’t Like This” by catface

This is a remix that speaks to every single person that has ever played Crash Bandicoot or has had to replay one level hundreds of times.

There’s a lot of adorable rage in this single remix.

“The Voice of Darkiplier” by Day by Dave

Akin to Antisepticeye, there are several alternative dark versions of YouTubers. Markiplier’s alternative self is evil Darkiplier. This video is just eerie with the deep dark voice of Darkiplier, and the rather dark and hard techno beats. Add in the background vocals with a very Gregorian chant style and you have a sinister remix.

Day by Dave explains, “SO GLAD MARK RE-UPLOADED THIS ONE!! Everyone has been asking for a Darkiplier remix and it was a very tricky one to pull off. This is more of an anthem, but I hope you guys enjoy. The speech is all from the quiet let’s play series Markiplier did.”

“Bitch, I’m fabulous” by PlayHouse

This remix is beyond adorable and fabulously confident.

While playing HuniePop, a dating simulator where the player must combine charm, intellect, and finesse to find love. This game, (and thus the remix) is a bit more adult-rated than some of the others. Though it’s a fantastic remix showing the confidence of Mark that we probably all should have.

Which is your favourite Markiplier remix? Comment below!!

Memento Mori Unus Annus; Remembering the Legend

Memento Mori Unus Annus. With Unus Annus ending, there’s a void to fill for content. Switching styles is filling that void with more YouTube remixes focusing on the very thing you’re missing.

The Project; Unus Annus

For those of you that don’t know, you unfortunately never will. Unus Annus is a project started by Mark Edward Fischbach (Markiplier) and Ethan Nestor (CrankGameplays) with the sole purpose of deleting it once it was over. It’s over now as of November 13th, 2020. It swept through the internet with an immense amount of support and interest. In the last episode, there were over 1.5 million people watching.

This project is simple. The thinking behind the project is “What if we only had one year?”

What would you do in one year?

Memento Mori Unus Annus Remixes

“Unus Annus” Remix by BioHexagon Remix

“Dance Of Italy” Remix by Rich Productions

“Isn’t It Cool?” Remix by ImSortaKindaBored

“Unus Annus” Dubstep Remix by Hageshī

“Unus Annus” Synthwave Remix by SuaveCrow

“Unus Annus” Remix by UBToughEnuff

“Disclaimer Song” Lofi Hip Hop remix by Zenab Music

“Unus Annus” S998 Remix by Somiaz

“Unus Annus Disclaimer Song” Lofi/Hip Hop Remix by Detune

“Get Ready For The End” Remix by AVNrose

Unus Annus

Interviews Reviews

Not So Spooky Halloween Covers

Halloween is a source of horror and terror but it doesn’t have to be just spooky. There’s a lot more to the Holiday than fright. It’s a time that Autumn turns to fall and gives us a chance to reflect on the past. It’s a time to make adorable snow people and snow angels. It’s a time for endless hot cocoa with sprinkles.

This not-so-spooky music is great to add to your Halloween playlist if you need to add more kid-friendly music, non-scary content or simply upbeat horror music.

Below is a list of different songs to bring you the Halloween spirit without the Halloween spooks. These covers replace the sense of horror with a sense of whimsy while keeping the Halloween spirit.

Spooky Scary Skeletons by JubyPhonic Originally by Andrew Gold

“Don’t Fear the Reaper” by Ashbury Heights originally by Blue Oyster Cult

“I Put a Spell On You” by Brittany J Smith, originally by Annie Lennox

“Hex Girl” by Maisy Kay from Scooby Doo’s Hex Girls

“Magic Dance” by Dead Tom, Originally by David Bowie

“Superstition” by Jonny Ross Music originally by Stevie Wonder

“Purple People Eater” by George Thorogood & The Destroyers originally by Sheb Wooley

“Oogie Boogie’s Song” by Coco Drops originally by Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

“Jeepers Creepers” by Blue Moon, originally by Django Reinhardt

“This is Halloween” by Broken Peach originally by Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

Have a safe and sweet Halloween!!


All the Way; Covering Schmoyoho’s Remix

“All the Way” is a remix of JackSepticeye’s gameplay by Schmoyoho. JackSepticeye is a YouTube Celebrity gaining fame from his vlogs and comedic Let’s Play series.

Fun Fact: Jacksepticeye’s channel has over 12 billion views and 24 million subscribers. In Ireland, It is ranked as the most-subscribed channel.

Game Stream turned remix brings us a fantastic song to continue to cover. That means that the songs we’re looking at today are covers of a remix of a game stream. That’s the way that music works in terms of creating and covering and recreating. Taking these building blocks, and inspiration to bring something entirely new to the world.

The song itself is originally by Schmoyoho which takes audio clips from some of Jacksepticeye’s game plays, and streams to bring his audience a new look at video game streaming.

Here are the lyrics to the song that show a hilarious but positive song.

Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies!
My name is jacksepticeye (top of the mornin’)
My name is jacksepticeye (uh!)
My name is jacksepticeye (yes)
Jacksepticeye (yes)
Jack (yes) jack (yes) jack (yes!)
All the way
To fucking victory town
All the way
Feels good to be a winner, every now and then
I believe in you

Below are several covers of Schmoyoho’s “All the Way” that show there is no limit to musical creativity.

“All The Way” Dramatic Piano Cover by Gud Nuse

This cover of “All The Way” is something altogether different than the original. Gud Nuse brings a dramatic piano cover and adds to the drama by playing the song inside a church.

“Jacksepticeye has an interesting voice. And when I heard this remix, I totally wanted to cover it in the Gud Nuse way. I also hope this cover reaches him or the talented Schmoyoho one day. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think.” mentions Gud Nuse.

“All The Way” Impossible Remix by Toms Mucenieks

Intense. That is one simple and powerful world used to accurately describe this cover.
Toms Mucenieks has adapted Schmoyoho’s composition to create something entirely different but amazingly intense.

“All The Way” cover by Knight of Breath

This cover is created by Knight of Breath as a Happy Birthday gift to Jack. With the positive lyrics of the remix, it’s a perfect happy birthday song.

The cover artist explains, “Jacksepticeye has been my favorite YouTuber for a while now. His videos really brighten up my day. He’s one of the kindest and most genuine people on this platform and he deserves every sub he receives. Jack motivates me not only to be a better YouTuber, but also a better person. As a loyal fan I will keep watching and supporting Jack’s channel for as long as possible! I fell in love with this song when I heard it. It’s not only catchy, the message of going all the way and not giving up is just so heartwarming. Schmoyoho did a great job on this song and the original has 64+ million views right now, which is awesome haha!”

“All The Way” Instrumental Cover by Vetrom

This instrumental mix cover created by Vetrom brings forth the energy of the original remix with it’s own style and frankly even more energy. Without vocals, this cover brings in additional instruments to create a symphony of music. Adding more of an upbeat instrument styles makes the music that much more dynamic.

The reason behind the cover’s creation?

“What can I say? I’m a big fan of Jacksepticeye :D! and the work from schmoyoho is awesome,” Explains Vetrom, “This song have been stuck in my head for days and I love it!”

“All The Way” Piano Cover by Amosdoll Music

The piano cover of “All the way” is more somber than expected compared to the original song. Amosdoll Music brings something entirely new to the fandom of Jacksepticeye and to Switching Styles’ audience.

Quite a lot of musicians have taken to covering “all the way” with the piano and each time it’s a different sound. Similar to the dramatic piano cover, Amosdoll brings a bit of slower and more sombre approach to the cover. Not adding vocals adds to the reflective nature of the song. It changes the entire feel of the song in such a solemn way.

Tell me what you think in the comments below!!


IT Remade Beyond the Movies; Pennywise Cover Songs

Let’s take a look at the movies behind Pennywise Cover Songs. It’s been a year since the release of It: Chapter two completing the remake of the It Franchise. Within the It franchise, Pennywise makes a reappearance every 27 years. Granted Switching Styles is bringing you some remakes of our own choice merely a year later.

Both versions of It played by Bill Skarsgård and Tim Curry were terrifying as Pennywise the clown. Utterly terrifying. Skarsgård didn’t have much time with his co-stars for the first film as they wanted them to be more genuinely scared of Pennywise the first time they saw him.

But it’s not just the child co-stars that were scared of both the actor and the player. Bill Hader, the actor playing Richie Tozier, didn’t realize how scary Skarsgård really was. Skarsgård can actually move his eyes in two different directions. Harder once asked Skarsgård what kind of special effect it was. While in full makeup for Pennywise, Skarsgård responded with “Oh, you mean this?” and showed him. It freaked Harder out!

Granted it would freak anyone out.

Pennywise Cover Songs

To continue this terror, here are some Pennywise unoriginal. Let’s bring in more versions of Pennywise with these specific musical versions. 

“Pennywise sings a song” By Aaron Fraser-Nash, a Pennywise Parody

Slipknot’s Devil in I” By Sergey Sitnikov, a Pennywise Drum Cover


“IT Is The End” By KDrummer 16, A Pennywise Drum Cover


“Float Too” By Punyaso, Pennywise Dubstep Remix


Fear Chapter 2″ By Bdash & Konkrete, A Pennywise Dance Cover


Pennywise – Dirty Little Secret (Trap Remix) by Jmano3000


Pennywise The Dancing Clown (IT REMIX) by StarCannon Pictures


The Joker vs Pennywise By Epic Rap Battles Of History


Are you scared? We hope so! Comment below which of these pennywise segments was your favourite!


YouTuber Remixes; Jacksepticeye

“Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies, my name is Jacksepticeye!” ~Jacksepticeye Intro
JackSepticeye is a YouTube Celebrity gaining fame from his vlogs and comedic Let’s Play series. As of May 2020, his channel has over 12 billion views and 24 million subscribers. It’s ranked as the most-subscribed channel in Ireland. Fun Fact: JackSepticeye is not his real name. (Shocker, I know!) Septiceye isn’t his surname but Jack isn’t his first name either. His real name is Seán William McLoughlin. This name came long before his YouTube career did. Combining ‘Jack’ as a popular nickname for Sean in Ireland and the nickname ‘Septic eye’ from an eye infection caused by a stray football as he was growing up. He’s gained the love and support from his fans through humor and great content but also through his supportive positive messages PMA. Many of his videos highlight this positivity in both his life and in the life of his viewers. This positivity is not just in though and intention alone. Jacksepticeye is active in both Charities,  and Fundraising. In terms of In 2018 alone, he raised over $1 million dollars through charity live streams supporting charities such as American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, GameChanger, AbleGamers,  St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Crisis Text Line.  In the past 4 years, he has raised over $4.6 million dollars to charties including Make-A-Wish Foundation, Red Nose Day 2019, bushfires in Australia, COVID-19Revelmode, Save The Children Fun Fact: Mclaughlin was the drummer for Raised to the Ground, releasing one EP, Risen from the Ashes, in 2009. And yes, Switching Styles will write about it. Artists such as Schmoyoho, and Day by Dave have taken their love of JackSepticeye, and music combining them into remixes. Below is a compiled list of these fantastic remixes for your listening pleasure. To start off, let’s look at “All the Way” which is a highly energetic and uplifting remix. Speaking to a PMA, or Positive Mental Attitude, This is a fantastically positive and optimistic song even. Created by Schmoyoho, this remix takes sound bytes from Jacksepticeye’s channel and melds it into a remix perfect for both casual listening and on repeat for 10 hours. This one is rather sweet and uplifting although a wee bit out there. Continuing along the thoughts of PMA, this remix looks at positivity from another side. The lyrics suggest working through an existential crisis or at least essential questioning, which is something everyone has to go through at least once in their life. This remix by Schmoyoho looks at the sadder side of a PMA. This remix “Come Closer”, is created by Day by Dave and showcases a different character besides Jacksepticeye. Antiseptic eye is a character created by Jacksepticeye to add to the overarching narrative. This is an evil alternate version of Jacksepticeye. The general idea of the character is the opposite of JAcksepticeye created and maintained by the internet. This dark version fights for power and control over jack himself much like in ‘The Exorcist” or [demon possession films] “ Y͕̦̖̼̻͖̹̞̮͚̱̭̪̎̂̄͊̏͐ͨͫ̊̈́͑͊̃ͣ̾̈́̿̀̕͝͞͡õ̬̙̫͔̠̝̲̋́̂ͯ̇ͧ̈́̇ͧ͢ư̢̺̻̫̱͊͋ͣ̎͑̍́ͬ̾̈͋͗̀ͮ͛͗ͥ͋ͪ́̕͝ ̸̨͓͈͖͚̰̗̩̺̼̄̈́ͪ̾̏̉ͬͩͫ̂̆ͯ̔̀̏͐ͦ̒ŵ̷̡̭͍̻̣͈̲̫̠͎̠̥̤̘̯͕̬̩͋̈́ͪ̾ͨ̇ͨ̉̈́ͫ̾̐͋͗͜a̶̢̱̻̼̫͌ͪ̋̄̌̀̽ͮ̆̍̈́̑̑̏͛͝n̸̷͔̲͚̦̘̘̺̻̪̳̞̼͕͚̹͕͍̉͗ͦ͂̋̒͐ͪͣ͐̉ͪͬ̊͐̑́͡ͅt̴̡̮̹͇̬̥͕̟̳̳̘͈͙͍̦̪͉̳͉ͮ̑͒ͩͫ̈ͥ̅ͪ̇ͯͬ̕͘e̸̩͎̫̬͇̘͎̖̣̟̪ͫ̈̌̋͑ͯ̎͟͡d̶̨͉͇͖̠͉̮̹̝̃͒ͯͨ̋̿ͫͨ̓́ ̨ͤ̅̀ͯ̅̎̔͛̏҉͏̩̙̦̖͇̝̼͕̜̖̞̼̳̬͉͖̤̝́͞ͅm̑́ͨ̔̇̓͗ͮ̀̀͡͠͏̤̗̠̥̰͍̦̤̺͎̻ͅe̷̛͔͇͓͚͕̳̓̆̈ͥ͐̂̅̆͛̏͌̚͘͞.̨̩͖̺̬͈̱͙̫̭̥̗̞̲̠͈̉ͧ́ͪ̃͊̒̉͂ͩ̓̚͘͡.̷̧̬̫̩͕̺̳̻̦ͣ͋̋ͬ̀̽ͬ͌ͬ͒ͬ͐ͯ́͟͝.͎̗͕̺̹̬͓̬͔̬͖̻̘̟͍͇͆ͦͪ̚͜.̡̼̯̥̖̙͔͎̱̤͈̉̌̎̑̿̾̃ͮ͊͑̄ͨ̍̑͂ͬ̿̏̕̕͠͡ ̸̴̛͈͇̲̖̙͇̞͙̝̰͔͖̹̪͍̝̰̥̊͋ͮ̆̃͞w̧̛̟̞̫̰̘̭͓̜̺͖̦̺̺͔̯͔̠̣̼̓ͦ̂̀̾ͤ̂̊̇̋̈́̊̐̽̆̄́͝e̷͆́̏͛̍̈̒̂͊ͫͬ̔̔͗̃̃ͪ͏͇̣̙͕̜͍̲̟̬l̈́ͫͣ̈́͜͏̣̺̜̼͓̲̦̭̥̠̭̞̪̳ͅļ̷ͤ̾̇̇̇ͥ̓̄̋̔̈́̉҉̨̙̺̥̳̖̱̗̱͚̪̰̦̹̦̦̯̗́ ̢̼̼̪͈̠̯̹͚̃̂̽ͨ̄̅̓̀̿ͤ̉ͯ̈̇͂̚̕͞hͨ̈͊͊̃ͮ̆ͤ̊̈ͩ̅͏́͏̸̺̦͙̪̥̪͙̟̼̝̳̝͚̠̭̺͉ę̸̧͖̜̘̼̘ͦ̊ͬ̀̇͐ͫ̐͛ͥͯͫ̂ͤ͛̄͑̔̒͢ř̷̬̜͙̲̏̓͗͊e̛̹̘̭̼̥̺̥̦͕̣̹̰̩͈ͨ̇ͭ͒͋̐͊ͨ͋̅̋͆͢ ̴̣̙̭̙̐ͧ̑͆ͨ͟ͅI̵̵̷̟̺̘̭̯͕͇̓͑̆̑̀̽̎͠ͅ ̸̜̟͍̝̥̜̝̮͇̘̞̞̟̞̦̯̝̿͌̿͒̓ͭ̌͐ͫ͌̈̓̓̀͘͡͝a̞͎̳̬̬͔͔͉͎ͪ̈́̎̍ͥ̽̋͒ͥ̄͆́̚͜͞m̷̶̷̸̥̠̱̖̥͈̘̦͉̠͖̳͑̈ͤ̅̔̂ ” –The video description of Say Goodbye “ It’s time to DIE! ” –Antisepticeye, Say Goodbye Another remix by Day by Dave showcases the impressive remixing skill he has and the amazing set of lungs Jacksepticeye has. Although there isn’t a lot of video to the remix,there wasn’t a lot of video to start with. Unlike his other remix videos and the other remix video’s we’ve looked at, this one is taken from one main audio byte along a beat. Regardless of the simplicity of the audio used, this is a fantastic remix.

Let us know in the comments which ones you are listening to on repeat!


Art from Chaos; Remixes of the Covid-19 Virus

The Covid-19 virus is a pandemic that is spreading over the world. For more information, please read updates from official health organizations such as WHO, Health Canada,  and The CDC. Your Facebook feed means well for the most part but may not be correct. Do be aware of the troubles of Misinformation.

This inforgraphic is available through Health Canada

It’s scary and intimidating but that’s not the only thing in the world right now. We’ve been through crisis before time and time again. We’ve got this. But what you may not know is that human beings are still being human; caring, loving, passionate, and creative. There are many artists that are taking this time as inspiration to create music about the Covid-19 virus. It’s poignant. Remixes are about taking something and making it something completely new. That’s what these remix artists are doing — turning the Covid-19 crisis into an inspiration of art.

Here are remixes inspired by the Corona virus to bring some positivity into the world and your music.



Bringing you a Pastor Kenneth Copeland COVID-19 Remix is WTFBrahh. This remix is a beat that would be amazing in a rave (separately or together once the quarantine is over).

For a bit of background to this remix, Paster Kenneth Copeland is an American televangelist. Here’s the original video where Copeland discusses the power of God and Christianity to destroy the virus.

“In the Name of Jesus, standing in the office of the prophet of God, I execute judgment on you COVID-19. I execute judgment on you, satan, you destroyer, you killer. You get out. I break your power. You get off this nation. I demand judgment on you. I demand. I demand,” quotes Copeland.




“Donald Trump – CHY CHY CHYNA!!” by Laugh out Loud remixes Trump comments about Covid-19 and it’s origins from China. This remix brings up the concerns of racism against Asians without good reason. Granted, there isn’t a good reason for racism or any sort of discrimination.  Many news sources have noted the increase in xenophobia and discrimination using the corona virus as an excuse.

from The Guardian writes, “Across the US, Chinese Americans, and other Asians, are increasingly living in fear as the corona virus spreads across the country amid racial prejudice that the outbreak is somehow the fault of China. It is a fear grounded in racism, but also promoted from the White House as Donald Trump – and his close advisers – insist on calling it “the Chinese virus”.”

Suyin Haynes of Time magazine writes, “Since the outbreak of corona virus, which was first officially reported to the World Health Organization by Chinese authorities in Wuhan on Dec. 31, several accounts of racism and xenophobia have been reported and documented on social media. While some governments and politicians have denounced such incidents related to the outbreak, others think much more could be done to show support for Chinese communities worldwide.”

Remember this remix and remember that everyone is dealing with the same problems more or less in this outbreak regardless of who they are.




Brought to you by Dave Wave, and Tedros Adhanom, the current Director of WHO, is the #StayHome Remix reminding you to stay home and stay safe. 

As Tedros Adhanom said: “let hope be the antidote to fear, let solidarity be the antidote to blame, let our shared humanity be the antidote to our shared threat…we are all in this together, and we can only succeed together”.

Working together is the only way that we’ll get through this. Working together is how human beings have survived up until this point.




Cardi B ‘Coronavirus (Sh*t Is Real!)’ Remix By DJ iMarkkeyz is a remix of Cardi B’s comments on the Corona Virus. This is a hopping beat for dancing in quarantine.

The original video of Cardi B was posted on her Instagram to highlight her thoughts and concerns on the Corona Virus.



With 29,331,516 views on this Instagram post alone, it’s no wonder that it got picked up by remixers. With the content and the talent, it’s also no wonder DJ iMarkkeyz’s remix skyrocketed the way it did. This remix has become a viral sensation with worldwide coverage and over 1,449,272 views.




Coronavirus (Trump New Hoax Remix Video) remixed by Remix Maniacs brings more of a political feel to the corona virus with Trump’s comments on the virus being a democratic hoax. Take that as you will.

The creator commented that “In this ever evolving time that we live in, we wanted to provide a little comedic relief to the situation. We have to remember to try and laugh and smile when times are tough. As the nation deals with this Pandemic, Music has always been a powerful way to bring people together. Stay Home, Wash Your Hands, Be safe and we love y’all!”




Coronavirus Remix (COVID-19 Lofi Hip Hop) brought forward by Rifti Beats. This is a lofi remix to bring some chill to all of the political content of these remixes. This is not a specific remix as some of the others were but instead looks at the whole of the pandemic. The voices of the corona virus plus the harsh dry coughs bring forward the solemn seriousness of the virus itself.


This is a time to come together (separately in self-isolation) and support one another (from a safe social distance). Remember to be safe and enjoy these tunes!