Supernatural Soundscape and Ambient Music

The SPN fandom still has a way to engage with the Winchester family with Supernatural soundscape and ambience audio. Check out some of our favourites in the article below.

Introducing Supernatural the series

Supernatural, the series has been a topic of conversation throughout Switching Styles. Partly because our main writer thoroughly enjoys the SPN fandom. Seriously, check out her work over at with essays like, “Fandoms Saving the World One Altruistic Step at A Time; Online Activism Within the Supernatural Fandom”.

The SPN Family specifically is known for being active. This fan community is more like a family, a sentiment that started when Jared Padalecki referred to the fandom as his family (Fitzpatrick, 2017, para. 9). There are several authors writing about the way that the Supernatural Fandom is as close-knit as a family including Mary Frances Casper or Zubernis and Katherine Larsen. These authors discuss how fandom is akin to a family because of the interactions and connections between not only the fans themselves but between them and the cast and crew (Casper 2014; Zubernis and Larsen, 2012). Those interactions and relationships have merely become stronger as the show continues (PicklePegg, 2011, ch. 5, para. 32). The SPN Family is described affectionately and accurately as the SPN Family.

Comparative to others, the Supernatural Fandom goes beyond and has become an altruistic force in a way that other fan cultures haven’t (Casper 2014, Jackson 2015; PicklePegg, 2011, ch. 5, para. 31–32). The ideals of the show Supernatural transfer to the fans, “It’s this unshakeable commitment to family, regardless of circumstance, which resonates with fans and creates the fandom’s underlying personality” (Casper 2014, pg. 79).

Dylanna Fisher, 2021 –

Headed by the Winchester boys, Sam and Dean are played by Jared Padalecki, and Jensen Ackles, respectively. This series is a story of adventure but most importantly family. Did you know that the actors from the show have started several charity organizations over the decades? The most prominent projects are Random Acts, GISH WISES, Always Keep Fighting, T-Shirt Campaigns, and the SPN Family Crisis Support Network. (Supernatural Wiki).

Winchester Audio Atmosphere

Photo by Sami Aksu on

Have you ever thought to yourself while watching Supernatural, ‘man if I could study beside Sam Winchester, I could ace this final exam’? That’s exactly what we’re here to provide. Need a super chill environment to study for your learners? try out the Supernatural Ambiance by Annelies Mohle. It’s designed to be relaxing. Want to focus specifically on academics like Sam Winchester before Season 1? Here’s the audio and soundscape from Bobby’s Cabin. Need something with a bit of excitement? Listen to the atmospheres of Crowley’s Personal Office!

Switching styles has compiled an extensive list of supernatural ambiances for your various focusing and relaxing needs.

Motel Soundscape/Ambience | Supernatural ASMR (With Talking) By Adri’s Ambience
Witchcore ◈ Autumn Forest 🍂 Good Witch Cabin By ASMR Weekly
Cozy Fall Coffee Shop Ambience: Relaxing Jazz Music and Rain Sounds For Studying, Relaxation, and Sleep By Calmed By Nature
Supernatural Ambience Sound ASMR | Research at Bobby’s House By Ambientcat
Supernatural ASMR || In the Bunker with Sam, Dean, Cas and Charlie By Adri’s Ambience
Research At Bobby’s House | Very Subtle Talking From Other Room By Sammitches
Supernatural Destiel ASMR | Driving Home From A Hunt With Castiel and Dean (Rain + Talking) By Moonlight
ASMR Ambience
Library Sounds | Study Ambience By The Guild of Ambience
Haunted Church Ambience 👻⛈️ By The Dea
d of Night
Supernatural Wayward Sisters Ambient By Moonlight ASMR Ambience

Last Thoughts

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Snowflake Appreciation Day

Snow isn’t something everyone enjoys. Nevertheless, it is a day to recognize the individuality of each snowflake. Today is Snowflake Appreciation Day, so to celebrate, we’re playing some amazing songs with a winter theme!

Fun Fact: Snow can fall at insane speeds. A single snowflake may move at speeds between one and nine miles per hour.

Photo by Jill Wellington on

Celebrating Snowflake Appreciation Day

What is a snowflake? You may just think that a snowflake is like fluffy ice. And you are kind of right. According to BBC writer Dale Shaw, a snowflake starts as something else entirely. “Snowflakes or snow crystals don’t have nuclei in the traditional, biological way (that contains genetic information), but they all do form around one single particle whether that’s a speck of dust or a piece of pollen. This makes it completely different from sleet (which consists of frozen raindrops) or hail (which are sleet droplets that collect water as they fall). This original piece of material that formed the flake can be detected using a powerful microscope.”

With that in mind, a snowflake can develop in a variety of ways. It’s no wonder that they’re all unique and special. Appreciate snowflakes with this snow-themed playlist. Listen to these holiday favorites while staring out at the snowy landscape. Remember you’re as unique as a snowflake! You are as one-of-a-kind as any snowflake you’ll see this winter season!

“Snowblind” Is Covered by System of a Down, Originally By Black Sabbath

“Every Snowflake Is Different (Just Like You)” By My Chemical Romance

“Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow” Covered by Saw Lamb Originally by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 

I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm” By Robyn Adele Anderson Originally By Billie Holiday And Irving Berlin

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!” By Frank Sinatra Originally By Vaughn Monroe

Fun Fact: chionophobia is the fear of snow. The word is derived from the Greek word chion, which means snow.

Final Thoughts

Photo by Jill Wellington on

Would you like more for your holiday playlist? We and CBC both provide alternatives for you. Check out their curated Christmas playlists like Pop Christmas, Jazz Loves Christmas, Seasonal Favorites, and Alt Christmas. Which one of these original songs with a winter theme is your favourite? Have we missed any? Tell us in the comments section below or on our social media!

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LARP and Social Anxiety

There’s no shame in being a new player or an anxious player.  Sometimes LARP and social anxiety overlap. read more about combatting social anxiety and enjoying your LARP game.

Introduction to LARP

Let’s start with the obvious question. What exactly is LARP? LARP stands for live-action roleplaying game. These games are a form of immersive game based off traditional role-playing games such as D&D, Pathfinder, Gamma world and so on.

Like these traditional roleplaying games where one creates you create a character based on the game rules. Then it’s time to roleplay as your character. The difference between TTRPG and LARP is that you play out that character’s thoughts, actions, and progression in live action. you act out the motivations, and actions, roleplaying what your character would do in any given situation.

For example, instead of telling your Dungeon master what your 5th level elf rogue does to sneak past the guards, you do just that. It’s a fantastic way to bring the game to life. You’re able to roleplay as Darcassan Joric, a fifth level roque with a history of drunken disorder likes and a love for the kazoo. From combat to diplomacy to adventure to friendship, there’s all kinds of situations to advance the characters’ storyline.

Joining LARP with social anxiety

Social anxiety is defined by The Mental Health Foundation as a “Beyond the typical sensation one might expect when speaking in public, meeting people for the first time, starting at a new job or school, or giving a performance, when the discomfort or feelings of shyness result in anxiety, fear, or avoidance and have an ongoing impact a person’s daily at work, in school then it could be social anxiety disorder (SAD).”

As it’s different from general nervousness in social settings, ‘jump right in’ isn’t the best solution. For most socially anxious folks, baby steps and social awareness are often the most helpful.

The Mental Health Foundation explains that “How we feel, think, and behave in social situations varies from person to person depending on our personality traits, upbringing, and life experiences. Some people are naturally reserved and shy whereas others might be more outgoing and extroverted, but anyone can have a SAD.”

This can make games that focus very highly on the socializing and person to person engagement like RPGS difficult. LARPS take it a step further by being longer, and more involved as you’re physically acting as the character.

Refuge LARP, a game based out of Calgary adores giving folks a chance to learn and to be comfortable. Their website reads, “Glad you made it! Come on in, learn about LARP, and take a break from the real world. Everyone is welcome to seek Refuge in our fantasy world. Whether you are new to roleplaying, new to LARP, or looking for a new LARP to play, we look forward to meeting you and answering your questions!”

Photo by Alexandre Silva on

Tips for joining a LARP with social anxiety

Social anxiety can be debilitating for inexperienced players as well as experienced. However, anxiety shouldn’t stop players from enjoying a weekend LARP game. Getting out there is rough but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. Here are a few tips when it comes to getting ready for a LARP game with social anxiety.

Join the social media groups and forums.

Even as a lurker, you can get more comfortable with how the players interact with one another. Try asking a question to some of the players either in a DM or a beginners’ forum. Most people will be very open to your curiosity or at the very least, know someone who can help.

You can take this a step further once you’ve figured out your character. Joining Organizations that your character may join provides another way to engage with the material as well to observe the subtleties of the game in game. Take these examples from the Refuge LARP. Depending on who or what your character is, these groups can include  The Home Guard 2.0: The Standing Army of Calanda,  or  The Arcane Sanctum 2.0: The Mage Guild of Calandonia, or  The Earth Weavers 2.0: The Order of Earth Casters, or The Silken Refuge: A Hobling run merchant house specializing in the trade of rare Silks from the island of Auric, or The Uruzaries: A High Orc/Ogre organization in servitude to the Oath sworn Shariah of the Edgeland Desert, or the  Hammer Outfitters: originally a Dwarven guild for craftsmen. You’ve got options!

Play as a monster

Cory Fliegel, the head organizer of the Calgary game Refuge says it’s easier to get started with non-player characters or NPCS. His Advice for newcomers is to start with the monster camp as it’s easy to start and simple to play. Monster camp is a nickname for the portion of the organizations that play non-player characters (NPCs) or monsters.

“Others jump right into being a PC and again, that is the choice everyone makes. Your level of comfort should be your main guide,” Explains the user guide for Refuge LARP”, You get to learn the game while gaining Experience Points (XP) for a future PC that you may play.

Playing as a goblin, orc, troll, bugbear, hobgoblin, kobold, mimic, beholder, or even an evil npc allows new players to get a taste for the game, and the rules without the stress of an entire character. It allows the fun to come first.

Get inspired

Do your research. Most LARPs have their lore, myths, history, and characters on their website. Take a look at the various options before you.

[Tip for those that don’t want to read the entire website or folks with ADHD – try a browser extension that reads out the page’s text to you. It’s a game changer for reading any block of text. Here’s what I use. And it’s free!!]

Attend with someone

Going with someone that’s been there before is a huge help. They’re able to show you the ropes and guide you through. Make sure you discuss this with them beforehand. They are sure to be an immense help, but they need to know how to help first.

As an added bonus to this, many games have incentivized introducing new players. Refuge LARP organizer Cory F. provides an incentive for bringing new players in with you and explains that “While only one member may benefit for each new player that purchases a membership, there’s no limit to the number of new players you can bring and receive rewards for! Plus, as a thank-you to both players may pick from a list specific magic items!”

Bring a friend

What’s better than one new player? Two new players!! It’s much easier to fumble through the first day when you know you aren’t alone. Chatting with friends, or folks on social media is a terrific way to meet people that are also LARP newbies.

Ask about Out of game (OOG) options.

Many games will have options for folks that want to take a break. Whether that’s a separate area where you can check your phone, have a snack, or go back to being you for a bit. Some games have a visual aspect to them such as a white headband or a hand on your head to tell other players, “Don’t interact with me.” It’s essentially the LARP’s version of AFK. Each game with have a slightly different approach, so it’s always best to ask.

If you are worried about potential panic or anxiety attacks, also ask about the first aid options. LARP games are meant to be fun not a health hazard.

Give yourself some slack

The first game can be overwhelming. There are a lot of new things to learn and stories to hear. Every new player goes through this, I promise you. Nothing you ask is going to be a surprise to the current players. They’ll either know the answer or send you to someone that does. Consider it your first quest!!

Remember that these are games that are meant to be fun. Take It seriously but not so seriously that it stops being fun. Here are some relaxing songs to help you focus and calm throughout the entire process.

Lost Tales: Our Secret Place By Dreamhop Music

Celestial Choirs By The Guild Of Ambience

Mysterious Music By Arondight Studios

Magic Library By Blue Turtle

Northwind By Brunuhville

Traditional Irish Folk Music By Lantern

Seeking Solitude By Daydreaming Of Persephone

Haunted Cemetery By Michael Ghelfi Studios

Coronation By CIRI

Got more tips to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!!


Adding Immersive Horror Music To Your Horror Games

Everyone knows that music makes the game, especially when it comes to horror. Adding in immersive horror music to your game will impress your players. . Read below on how to add a spooky soundtrack to terrify your players.

Introduction To Horror Games And Their Music

When players think of horror games, they want to be scared. This is the case for video games, LARPs, escape rooms, haunted houses, D&D games, and so much more. When your players take part in this game, they want to be terrified, usually.

Photo by Monstera on

Atmospheric soundtracks aren’t only in one specific genre. Music is important through many diverse types of games, and consoles. Regardless of whether you’re playing Carrion for the switch, Vampire: The Masquerade LARP, Call of Cthulhu RPG, Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly on PS4 and Xbox One, or SCP; secret laboratory on Steam, there’s still an element of music to it. Follow the video game topic on Switching styles, by signing up for our newsletter!

Think about the last horror video game you played. What kind of audio did they have? What kind of background noises or music? It was probably something creepy that made the hair on your arm and neck stands up. That’s because it’s supposed to.

“In recent years games developers, especially within the Horror genre, have become masters of creating soundtracks that have a terrifying eeriness and an atmosphere that keeps you on the edge of your seat,” Explains the writers at Anara Publishing.

Consider walking into a haunted house in your local community center. There’s music but it’s not Halloween-themed or horror themed it’s Swing covers of Disney songs. That’s not going to encourage people to be scared. They’ll most likely be more confused than anything else. It’s the same thing with other genres. Players aren’t scared if the horror boss battle is serenaded, by “Hot N Cold” from Katy Perry.

Fun Fact: When you get chills or goosebumps from a piece of music (or really from any aesthetic experience) is called frisson. The phenomenon is still being studied, by researchers around the world. (.)

Immersive Horror Music For Gaming

When it comes to adding an element of realism and terror to your game, it helps to have some options. Below we’ve compiled a few of our favourite horror-themed music. Whether you’re adding this to your Friday night MTG theme night, your monthly vampire masquerade session or even your biweekly Cthulhu D&D game, we’ve got you covered.

Creepy Music Mix #1, Instrumental Halloween Music

Dark Piano, Lucas King

Tormented Hybrid Horror Music Mix, Horror Music World

Dark Mystery Orchestral Remix, Cthulhu Mythos Music

The Yōkai Compendium, Realm of Dementia

Dark Victorian Music, Cryo Chamber

H.P. Lovecraft music, Cthulhu Mythos Music

Phobia; Tense Cinematic Background Music, Soundridemusic

Halloween Spooky Ambience, Cozy Rain

Goëtia, Peter Gundry

Detective Background Music, FesliyanStudios Background Music

Horror Cinematic background music, Elysium Audio Labs

Horror Ambience, ESN Productions

Tim Burton Vibes Compiled, Sundew Baggins

Darkest Dungeon – Combat Music composed, by Stuart Chatwood for Red Hook Studios

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Reviewing “Overwhelmed” By Royal and The Serpent

Bringing you relatable feelings and anxiety is Royal and the Serpent. Switching styles is reviewing the song “Overwhelmed”.

Introducing The Overwhelming Topic

To get started here is the original song by royal and the serpent. If you haven’t watched the music video, you certainly should!

This is such a wonderful song. It’s not just that this song is popular on Tik Tok. And it’s not about its eleven million views on YouTube. It’s not just that the music video was artistically shot on Kodiak’s 16 mm film. All of those are damn impressive elements but the aspect that stood out to me is the feeling of the song.

Don’t mind me getting personal with my readers. With someone with anxiety, ADHD and depression, the highs, and lows of the song itself are very reminiscent of when all the mental illnesses combined. There’s a lot of high energy and repetition, and then it’s quiet for a little bit. This is what goes on inside my head. Royal and the serpent nail it.

“All I wanted really to do with ‘“Overwhelmed” ’ was to give it to people to hopefully make them feel better,” Says Royal In An Interview With Marni Zipper Of Audacy.

What Do I Do If I Relate To “Overwhelmed” By Royal and The Serpent”?

The first step would be to take a deep breath. Talk to someone you trust. Ideally, this would be a doctor but sometimes that’s not very possible with timing, schedules, finances, jobs, and school. Some of the things that are making you anxious, upset, or even plain unsettled. In the short, it’s valid to relate to music. Heck, it’s encouraged. With mental illness, it helps to talk about it and to relate to others that know how you’re feeling. Because you’re not alone. Not in the slightest.

What Even Is Mental Health?

Mental health is someone’s emotional, mental, and sometimes spiritual wellbeing. It’s important for a list of varied reasons; better coping strategies, improved relationships, a feeling of purpose and potential, increased productivity, and better physical health.

Did you know that mental disorders and mental illness can raise your risk for physical health concerns including ulcers, migraines stroketype 2 diabetes, and heart disease?

What Do I Do If I Think I Have Anxiety Like in The Song?

If you think that you have concerns about mental health, a call to your doctor is a great first step. If you find yourself struggling with mental health, there’s never a right time to get help. Don’t wait for the right time. Reach out for help when you need it.

There’s also no right way to get help. Talk to your friends and family. Get a therapy appointment. Discuss your feelings with your doctor. Download CBT workbooks. Try mindfulness meditation. There are so many different options that work better for different people. Find what works for you to be the best version of yourself.

Cover Songs to Bring You a Smile

Here’s what the readers are here for, to be encouraged and given some amazing music.

Now the question is, can other artists make the same impact with the song? There’s an almost overwhelming amount of amazing cover artists out there. (Pun intended, I’m not sorry). Here are some covers of the song “Overwhelmed.”

“Overwhelmed” Covered By Emma Hamel

“Overwhelmed” ” Covered By Living in Fiction

“Overwhelmed” Covered By【 Slow Tea 】

“Overwhelmed” Covered by Zizoucorn Ft Robert Grace and Luxcity

“Overwhelmed” Covered By Rubychan’s Nightcore


Bringing You Quirky Songs By Wild Child

Wild child’s song “Crazy Bird” is an amazing bop about love, fear, and longing. This is an adorable song between two quirky kids. Take a look at the adorable and quirky music video.

Introduction To This Wild Child

This American Indi pop band hails from Austin Texas. Since 2010, they’ve been creating music for people all around the world.

The band members include Kelsey Wilson (lead vocals and violin), Alexander Beggins (lead vocals and baritone ukulele), Sadie Wolfe (cello), Tyler Osmond (bass), Matt Bradshaw (keyboard and trumpet), Cody Ackors (guitar and trombone), and Tom Myers (drums). Starting as The Migrant, Wilson and begins started the indie act. To complete the sound they were going for, they needed help. That’s where the other musicians were added in. Their talents just heightened the newly formed Wild Child Band.

Pillow Talk was their first released album in 2011, with quite a lot of interest. Next came “The Runaround following in 2013. New albums followed with Fools (2015), Expectations (2018), and Single (2018).

Wild Child has a range of romantic songs. The song we’re looking at today, “Crazy Bird” is the third song on the 2013 album The Runaround. This sound specifically appeared in the 2014 episode “#drama” of Awkward. That’s not the only song they have in popular media.

  • “Meadows” From Fools Was Shown In The 2015 Episode “Chapter 28” Of Jane The Virgin.
  • “Bad Girl” From Fools Was Featured In The 2016 Episode “Things We Lost In The Fire” Of The Vampire Diaries.
  • “Fools” From Fools Appeared in the 2016 Episode “Girls Gone Viral” Of Awkward.
  • “Meadows” From Fools Came Up In The 2017 Episode “In The Eye Abides The Heart” Of Pretty Little Liars.

“Crazy Bird” as A Love Song

There’s a reason this song has been popping on your For You page, your music suggestions, your pop cultures. It’s a darn good and relatable song. “Are your bags travelin’ elsewhere / You need to know I got the bones / Rollin’ hard against the floor / And if you left, I’d break until the little pieces felt no more,” these are the lyrics to the song. They slap. They get rather deep, romantic, and yearning. It’s rather dark in a romantic type of way.

Did you know that love songs and music, in general, are so universally known that the average listener can figure out what the purpose of the specific music is?

“Untrained listeners in 60 countries could on average discern the human behaviour associated with culturally unfamiliar musical forms. (“Exploring the Universality of Human Song – NIH Director’s Blog”) These behaviours included dancing, soothing a baby, seeking to heal illness, or expressing love to another person,” wrote Dr. Francis Collins on the National Institute of Health (NIH) Director’s Blog.

The Wild Child’s Music Video of “Crazy Bird”!

Take a deeper look at the music video produced for the song itself. This cinematography and content aren’t what you’d normally expect out of a love song. But weirdly enough it fits. The music video is colourful, weird, artistic, emotionally relevant, and put together oh so magnificently. It relates quite well not only to the song but the overarching themes of love and how God darn crazy it can feel.

Covers Of the Song

Not satisfied with this review. Need more music? Want to learn more about music? Need more “Crazy Bird”? We’ve got more for you. Below are curated covers of Wild Child’s song “Crazy Bird”.

“Crazy Bird” Remix By DJ Princess Kush

“Crazy Bird” Covered By Eli Marten


“Crazy Bird” Covered By We The JMS

Final Thoughts on Wild Child

Give this song a listen and let us know what you think on your favourite social media platforms. What are your thoughts on this vibing song from Wild Child? Who do you think had the best cover of “Crazy Bird”?

Comment below or tag us on Twitter @Styleswitching!

The Future Of Esports Serenaded By Background Remixes

The future of Esports is a delicate balance with both burdens and benefits.

What Are Esports?

Esports, or Electronic Sports, is a form of competitive sport focusing on video games. These competitions are structured as organized multiplayer video game competitions with professional players. These professional players compete both as individuals and teams. Competition in video games was already there. Esports took it to another level.

Present Situation

According to Insider Intelligence, there is a monthly average of 26.6 million Esports viewers in the United States alone. This has increased from 23.9 million in 2020 and 21.1 million in 2019.

The demographics of E-sport fans are typically what you’d expect with the majority between 16 and 34 years old. According to the Global Web Index, 32% of internet users that watch Esports tournaments throughout the world are between the ages of 16 and 24, 30% are 25 to 34 years old. There is statistically older demographic is 19% are 35 to 44 years old, 10% are 45 to 54 years old, and only 6% are from the 55 to 64 age brackets. There’s a good reason for that grouping of age ranges – the typical retirement age is twenty-five.


The future of Esports; Why Is Esports Growing?

Esports is an industry that’s gaining speed. According to Insider Intelligence, there is a monthly average of 26.6 million Esport viewers in the united states alone. This has increased from 23.9 million in 2020 and 21.1 million in 2019. The industry has grown due to several circumstances. The industry has grown due to several circumstances explained Foley & Lardner; continued social distancing, the growth of online streaming platforms and increased big brands sponsoring esports

What does 2021 hold? The same data set projects that 2022 and 2021 will follow suit and increase to 39.6 million, and 31.4 million, respectively.


What’s Holding The Future of Esports Back From Growing Faster?

While the esports industry shows amazing promise, its growth is not without hardships. The from the typical threats associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, there are other crucial esports industry growth barriers that stakeholders and investors should take note of.

Survey results from Foray and Lorey.

  • 77% Inability to Hold Large In-Person Events Due To COVID-19
  • 65% Continued Declines in Advertising And Sponsorship Spending
  • 46% Hesitancy to Invest In Esports Teams Due To Market Uncertainty
  • 31% Difficulty Obtaining Additional Capital from Current Sponsors

Video Game Remixes That Pair Perfectly With Esports

Below are some great remixes to put on in the background while enjoying Esports. These aren’t the only remixes that work while gaming.  Switching Styles has a great range of remixes such as Snake Jazz Remixes, and if you even want some real-world remixes, there are Covid-19 remixes.

“Valorant Theme Song” Remix By Halftrue

“Shadowlands Lo-Fi Remix: Ardenweald” Remix By Drayzher


“Super Smash Bros. Melee” Remix By Video Game Remixes


“Hearthstone” Remix Lucas Fader


“Fortnite Theme Song” Remix By Justin Caruso


“Overwatch Victory Theme” Remix By Drop The Bassline


“Apex Legends” Remix By Trap Music


Final Thoughts

Despite the challenges faced by this emerging industry, the Esports market is bound to continuously grow. The Future Of Esports is an interesting topic. Finally, the majority of fans (60%) think it will take at least a year for esports investment activity to return to pre-pandemic levels.

Take these Esports facts and the background remixes for a weekend of fun!


Students during Covid–19; Q&A with Sam Fauque

Students During Covid – 19 have more than just a full load to deal with. Students have a full load when they take on school; exams, studying, assignments, extracurricular. They do all this while balancing a healthy life, and a job. Add in the pandemic, and it’s a whole new story.

Sam Fauque

Sam Fauque (She/Her) is a 22-year-old student currently taking her Bachelor of Business Administration Majoring in Accounting and General management along with a minor in Finance and Supply Chain at Mount Royal University attending mostly online classes.

Please Describe How Your Classes Are Set Up.

Online lectures through google meet along with recorded videos and readings posted to Blackboard.

In What Ways Has The Pandemic Improved Your Learning?

The only thing that I like about doing class online is that most teachers record the lectures and then post them to blackboard so that we can re-watch them. This is helpful if we missed something, or don’t quite understand a concept, we can go back and re-watch that part of the lecture.

In What Ways Has The Pandemic Made Learning Harder?

I don’t think there is enough time nor space to fit all of the ways that the pandemic has made schooling harder. Firstly, I am not actually allowed on campus unless I have an in-person class or an appointment. Having class online limits, the interactions with the teacher and other students. I chose Mount Royal for the smaller class sizes and the one-on-one professor interactions, but this has been taken away due to the closure of the school. Also, events and social interactions has been completely cut off. There are no chances to get together with other students, or teachers unless it is through a computer screen which I think takes away the entire purpose of meeting with someone. During these social interactions have been taken away and I think that asking other students and getting to ask questions in real-time is way more beneficial than watching a recording. Tuition also did not change but now I am paying hundreds of dollars to teach myself the content for my classes. It is not fair to us, nor the teachers. If you need clarification or want to talk more about anything I just said, phone or text me.

Are You Able To Participate In Extracurricular Activities? If So, What Are They?

No. All events and extracurriculars were cancelled and “postponed” or otherwise put into a virtual meeting which losses the whole purpose of most of the events. Also, as this being my last year of University, I am very disappointed. Not only did I miss the experience of my last year, I will not get the opportunity to say goodbye to my friends, or experience any of the big school events before I leave. It’s just sad that this is the way it ends. And I am not sure if there will be an actual graduation or if it will just be someone reading off names over a virtual event. How sad is it that you work your ass off for years to not be allowed to celebrate your achievement? I am so disappointed in how society reacted to the pandemic and what this has all turned into.

What Advice Do You Have For Other Students?

Do not fall behind. In times like this it is easy to get distracted or lose all motivation but don’t let your work pile up. It is hard enough to be a student when there isn’t a pandemic but the mental state of students, or anyone in general really, has been very low. Leaving your work to the last minute can bring on extra stress and worry that you do not need as there is already enough stress without schoolwork.

Here’s the musical element of the students’ experience. Enjoy these remixes for all your studying needs for all students regardless of level from Elementary to a doctorate!
Headphones top view

“Chill Out Electronic Study Music” By Gravity Music

What Advice do you have for your fellow students during Covid-19?

Also published on


Students During Covid – 19; Q&A With Shauna Lee

Students During Covid – 19; Q&A With Shauna Lee is also published on

Students During Covid – 19 have more than just a full load to deal with. Students have a full load when they take on school; exams, studying, assignments, extracurricular. They do all this while balancing a healthy life, and a job. Add in the pandemic, and it’s a whole new story.

Shauna Lee Is an international student travelling from Canada to University College Cork in Cork, Ireland. There she is taking her Ph.D. in Museum Studies.

Although taking a Ph.D. is largely an independent task, her research thesis has been made even more interesting by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

How Did You Decide On Your Major? 

I don’t really have a major. Since my Ph.D. is research-based it’s entirely rooted in my own self-determined field of interest/work, which is museums. I’ve worked for 15 years in the museum sector, so the pursuit of my Ph.D. is just a natural continuation of my learning/career development. My research is rooted in the Archaeology department because that is where the Master’s in Museum Studies programme is based. I approached the department to see if they would be willing to take me on as a researcher and if a member of the faculty would act as my supervisor. I’m pursuing the first to pursue Ph.D. in museum studies within the department. 

Can You Describe A Bit More About Your Research And Your Research Topic? 

My research is rooted in the emerging concept of museum activism. This ultimately has me seeking out examples of the ways in which museums are using their collections, exhibitions, and programmes to inspire, implement and activate positive social change. I’m exploring how museums can become activated themselves as institutions and inspire visitors to take action against things like racism, inequality, human rights abuses, and climate change.

What Drew You To Attend University College Cork In Ireland? 

I did the Master’s in Museum Studies here in 2015-16. I applied to that programme because I had previously lived in Ireland on a working holiday visa in 2013 and I wanted to return to Ireland.

Is Your Program Primarily Online, In Person, Or Mixed? 

My degree is not a taught program, it is research-based. As such, pandemic or not, I wouldn’t be attending in-person classes. I may have chosen an occasional in-person module to enhance my study experience, but I’ve chosen from online options instead. In some ways, I feel this has been preferable as it is less disruptive to my overall workflow.

Please Describe How Your Coursework Is Set Up. 

My research is very much a solitary and self-directed endeavour. As such, I’ve developed an ideal home office space so that I can work at home, something I would have chosen to do pandemic or not. In addition to this, I occasionally meet with my supervisor, present at university conferences and seminars, and lecture for the master’s in museum studies program. All of these things have easily shifted online. I also engage with peer groups of other postgraduate researchers. This has probably been better in the digital space that Covid has allowed to flourish. I think I interact with them more regularly than if we were to occasionally schedule an in-person meetup as would have been typical pre-pandemic.

How Has The Pandemic Impacted Your Learning? 

Ideally, my research would have included a number of research trips to visit museums and evaluate their programs and exhibitions in relation to my research topic. I’ve dealt with the inability to do this by restructuring my research activities and pushing in-person visits to later in my process.

Additionally, I’m focusing more on virtual exhibitions and other online initiatives offered by museums. The pandemic has forced museums to adjust their practice and they are producing a lot of great online content. Finally, I’ve also devoted a significant amount of time to attending online conferences like museum next and the Museums Association. This has allowed me to connect with other museum professionals and keep informed of emerging ideas and projects relevant to my research, and like my academic peer networking, I’ve been able to do more of it than if I were to have to attend conferences in person. As I believe this overview of my activity suggests, the pandemic has not prevented me from being able to pursue my research and make significant progress. 

What Policies Has Your School Put In Place For The Pandemic for it’s students? 

Online instruction, mask-wearing/sanitizing/social distancing protocols, capacity limits/restricted access/pre-booking of campus spaces/services like libraries/computer labs/study hubs.

Do You Think They’re Working? 

I’ve only needed to be on campus five times since September. On those occasions, I observed very few other people, faculty, students or otherwise. This made me feel safe when I did have to go to campus.

Are There Non-Academic Government Policies That Are Impacting Your Learning? 

Yes. My research topic is “Curating Change: A Trans-Atlantic Study of Activism in Museums”. This ultimately has me exploring examples of the ways museums are using their collections, exhibitions, and programmes to inspire, implement, and activate positive social change and take action against things like racism, inequality, human rights abuses, and climate change. Ideally, due to the Trans-Atlantic focus of my research, I’d be conducting research trips to museums in Ireland/Britain and Canada/USA. Nationally imposed travel restrictions and mandatory quarantine requirements during the pandemic have made this kind of international travel impossible at present.

Would You Change Anything About Your Academics?

I think it could have been really exciting to pursue my Ph.D. split between 2 universities. Here in Ireland and maybe somewhere in Canada. This would have allowed me to benefit from double the resources and faculty support. This kind of split-institutional research isn’t entirely unheard of but requires advanced cross-institutional negotiation as the student still needs to be primarily based at one university or the other. It would have been interesting to explore if this would have been a possibility in my case but considering the pandemic it probably would have been hindered by travel restrictions.

How Has The Pandemic Impacted Your Life Outside Of School? 

Yes. I haven’t been able to enjoy the perks of living abroad as much as would like to be. You can imagine that I’d typically be spending my weekends and time off exploring the country and visiting some of my favourite places from previous sojourns to Ireland. I’d also likely be taking advantage of my close proximity to the rest of Europe. Neither of these things has been an option as for much of the pandemic we’ve been under quite severe restrictions, at times even limited to within 5 km of our homes.

Also, if it were not for Covid I would be spending my leisure time in pubs, restaurants, local attractions, and just enjoying the city of Cork. The inability to do this has limited my opportunities to meet people and socialize, an important part of developing a sense of feeling at home while living abroad. Thankfully, I’m living in a rental with four other housemates, so the pandemic restrictions haven’t been completely isolating. Finally, pandemic restrictions prevent me from travelling home to Canada if I so desire.

For example, I was not able to come home for Christmas. I made the best of it though and took advantage of a brief relaxing of restrictions here in Ireland. I rented a car and a cottage on the Dingle Peninsula and enjoyed a wonderful, despite being solitary, Christmas by the seaside.

Has The Pandemic Impacted Your Mental Health? 

A little bit. Mostly in regard to things that are out of my control. Like not being able to readily travel home to Canada if I needed to or when my housemates aren’t being as strict about covid restrictions as I am (not that anyone isn’t taking it seriously, I’m lucky to have great housemates in that sense). Anyway, to cope with this, I focus on the things that are in my control.

For example, to make me feel less stranded I signed up as a Canadian living abroad with the Canadian consulate in Dublin. Even just having them send occasional email updates regarding the Covid situation makes me feel less disconnected. In regard to my housemates, if I’m feeling worried about exposure, I change my behaviour by taking the time to sanitize shared surfaces, wash my hands more, stay in my room more/use the common spaces less. This is an easier approach to making myself feel better than trying to worry too much about what others are doing.

What Advice Do You Have For Other Students? 

1. Stay connected with supervisors/instructors and other academic supports as best you can,

2. Keep to a schedule/routine just like you would in a campus-based environment,

3. Be flexible/creative regarding your work plan/learning process,

4. Embrace the opportunities (like digital research projects or virtual study groups) that you likely wouldn’t have encountered if the usual way of doing things hadn’t been disrupted. 

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“Megamix” By Grandmaster Miah

“Henry Salvador – Dans Mon Île” Remix by Froto

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What Advice do you have for your fellow students during Covid-19?


Stardew Valley; Not Just Fun and Games

“You’ve inherited your grandfather’s old farm plot in Stardew Valley. Armed with hand-me-down tools and a few coins, you set out to begin your new life!”

Stardew Valley Description from Steam

And what are you going to do with this newfound inheritance in this whimsical town?
Make your grandfather proud while enjoying the game’s fantastic gameplay and soundtrack.

Stardew Valley Review

It’s a game that’s not only easy to play but easy to lose yourself in.  With simple controls and a dynamic storyline, this game will whisk you away to a world of relaxation and friendship. But it’s far from a child care-free game. With in-depth character development, deeply realistic themes, and secret unlockable scenes and areas, this isn’t your average farming simulator. Due to its quality, it’s gained high ratings from several online reviewers including a 9.5/10 on IGN, a 10/10 on Steam and a 87% on MetaCritic.

“The core mechanics and relaxing aesthetic merge so well together that players will sink in to the experience and never want to leave,” describes Destructoid

“There’s a comfort in Stardew Valley that I’ve rarely found in other games….Whether you want to farm, fish, fight monsters, craft, mine, become everyone’s best friend, or do a little bit of everything, this farming adventure has plenty to offer,” Reviews Miranda Sanchez on IGN discussing its 9.5/10 score of Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Soundtrack

There’s more than just the gameplay especially when we’re discussing it on Switching Styles. As you’ll see below with the musical element, this is a sweet and nostalgic soundtrack all thanks to Eric Barone.

In fact, the entire game is all thanks to Barone. The initial release of Stardew Valley was created by a single person. This includes all of the music, graphics, coding, writing, and so on. Barone is the mind and passion behind Stardew Valley, known by his online persona as “ConcernedApe,”. Taking inspiration from the beloved classic Harvest Moon (now called Story of Seasons), he created an entire world of creative and peaceful farming.

Furthermore, he is also the man behind the music of Stardew Valley. The soundtrack contains soft orchestral music which blends in really well with the visuals and gameplay.

“The music that changes with each season perfectly fits the mellowness of the 16-bit countryside town and all the activities that await offer both peace in my daily routines and excitement in the land’s mysteries,” continues Miranda Sanchez in her review.

Stardew Valley Cover Songs

Check out the whole soundtrack on BandCamp, Steam, and Spotify. Below are some renditions of Barone’s work in StarDew Valley. Enjoy!

“Summer (Tropicala)” Jazz Cover by Craig Matterson Music

“Summer (Crescendo)” Guitar Cover by Ferdk

“Spring (It’s a Big World Outside)” Remix by InspirAspir

“The Wind Can Be Still” Violin cover by Patti Rudisill

“Raven’s Descent” Lo-Fi BeatREmix by not andromada

“Nocturne of Ice (Winter)” Acoustic Cover by Josiah Everhart

“The Lava Dwellers” Remix by Petpet

“Journey of The Prairie King” Remix by NoteBlock

“Spring (The Valley Comes Alive)” Orchestral Cover by The Young Artists Orchestra of Las Vegas

“Stardew Valley” Music Box Medley by BoxOfMusic

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