This is certainly not the full extent of YouTuber remixes nor is it a more than just dipping your toes into the musical waters. There will be more YouTuber Remix articles to come. So stay tuned! Go forth and find your favorites and share them with Switching Styles!

Youtuber Remixes; An Introduction

Did you know that there are remixes about your favorite YouTube Stars such as Jacksepticeye, Markipler, Smosh, and PewDiePie?

There certainly are. Youtubers remixing about themselves with their audio and sound bytes is interesting because there typically wasn’t a musical aspect to their videos, to begin with. Many of the remixes we’ll look at are from video game streamers created with the sound bytes from specific streams.  The remixes are fantastically catchy!  Continue reading Youtuber Remixes; An Introduction