Vinyl A friend playing records.

CDs or Vinyl? – Sustainable Music Listening

at of choice related to sound quality, aesthetics, and collectability.  Some people may purchase music on only one type of format, while others buy both.  However, when it comes to the environment, a new set of questions arise. Continue reading CDs or Vinyl? – Sustainable Music Listening

"Music festival Spain" by Marko Radosevic

Don’t Be Trashy at Music Festivals

In spite of the positive aspects of enjoying live artists and gathering with fellow music-lovers, there is a dark side that will undoubtedly cause major issues for the environment once festivals resume.  While wrapped up in the fun of an event, people may forget to be mindful of their negative effects on the environment.  This is a problem that must be addressed by environmentally-conscious individuals. Continue reading Don’t Be Trashy at Music Festivals

Headphones on Wooden Table

Music E-Waste

Modern technology has made listening to music easier than ever before. In 1982, the first CD player was released, followed by the first version of the iPod in 2001. In recent times, it has become a common practice to use smartphones to listen to the radio or a music service, something that 87% of 18 to 29 year olds in the United States were reported as having done in 2016 (Anderson, 2016). Continue reading Music E-Waste