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For folks like me, that love our delicious leaf water, we really love our tea water and tea-themed music. From black tea or Earl Grey to rooibos and green tea, there are many different tea leaves to love.  Read below for some more fun facts and a tea-themed playlist.

An Intro to My Love of Tea

When sitting at my desk, I love to have a cup of tea beside me. Green tea or a strong cup of black tea helps wake me up and prepare me for the day.

Many people have asked me what my favourite type of tea is. And although that is a tricky question, I do have an answer. As long as I can remember, I’ve loved the subtle taste of green tea. It is an acquired taste for some, but I adore it. No matter how you give it to me, I love green tea. Matcha lattes, iced green tea, green tea ice cream, green tea refreshers, and even overstepped bitter cold tea are delicious.

Enough about me and my preferences, you are here to read about tea music and tea statistics. And that is precisely what we are here to provide.

Tea Statistics

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Below we have compiled a list of statistics about tea, tea drinkers and the impacts that tea has on our daily lives. These statistics have been sourced from a lot of sources from industry leaders like celestial seasonings, Lipton, Artful Tea, Statista, David’s Tea, Tea Association and Tea USA as well as leading research companies such as []. Read below and share which fun facts are your favourite

Celestial Seasonings Started In 1969.

In 1969, a new company was made. This is the year that Mo Siegel makes his first blends from wild herbs picked by hand in Colorado, which will eventually become the brand we all know and love, Celestial Seasonings (Celestial Seasonings). Honestly, the morning thunder and lemon zinger have been my personal favourites since I was a child!

Lipton Started Making Tea In 1880.

In the late 1800s, Sir Thomas Lipton, a Glasgow-based entrepreneur and innovator, wanted to make tea universally accessible. He saw a chance to do that with affordable prices and guaranteed quality. Indeed, he did act in that manner. Thomas founded the tea-packing business Thomas J. Lipton Co. about ten years later, in 1893. This developed into Lipton, a well-known and adored brand. As one of the leading tea brands worldwide, selling to over 150 countries, Lipton is an impressive company with an impressive start. (Lipton)

Tea Does Not Expire In The Way That You Think.

Tea is typically forgiving because, when stored correctly, it can last an exceptionally long time. It’s a different storey for some teas that are fruit- or chocolate-infused, ready-to-drink, or already made “leftover” tea, and you should always abide by the expiration date (Artful Tea). Actually, tea doesn’t have an “expiration date.” Expiration dates imply that the product may no longer be safe or hygienic to consume after that date. Old tea might not be as flavorful and fresh as new, so it will brew weaker and stale. In this sense, you can still drink old tea as long as it’s only been stored as dried tea leaves.

Green Tea Is Used In Many Dermatological And Cosmeceutical Applications.

Green tea has been incorporated into a variety of products, including face wash, shampoo, conditioners, face masks, and even skin treatments, due to its anticarcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. A topical ointment containing green tea extracts was approved for treating external genital warts in the USA in 2010 and, more recently, in Europe (JDDG: Journal Der Deutschen Dermatologischen Gesellschaft).

 The Perfect Cup Of Tea Recipe Does Not Exist.

 Having a perfect cup of tea depends on a lot of different elements. First, every type of tea requires a slightly different steeping time for temperatures to get it exactly right. The choice to add cream, milk, sugar, honey, or anything else is up to you. Every tea drinker and every cup of tea has their own ideal cup of tea (David’s Tea)

Tea Is One Of The Leading Drinks In The World.

In terms of preference, tea and water are remarkably similar. Tea is the second most popular drink in the world, with water in the first place. When people say that tea is too close to water, let them know that that is not a bad thing (Statista)

Herbal teas are a huge umbrella term. But it is not just herbs.

It’s intriguing to learn that herbal tea contains more than just herbs. Infusions from herbs and spices to fruits and nuts are typically caffeine-free (David’s Tea).

In general, tea is low in calories, sodium, and sugar and almost calorie-free.

Usually, when adding a delicious tea bag to water, which is the case. The sodium, sugar, and calorie content of any additions, including flavourings, milk, sugar, cream, honey, and even infusions in the tea bag itself, can increase (Tea USA)

The word tea comes from the Chinese word T’e.

This word refers to the plant from which the tea leaves originated and is used in the Amoy dialect from the coastal province of Fujian. Along the same travel routes as tea, the word for tea also spread (Eisa Tea Co).

“The distribution of the different forms of the word in Europe reflects the spread of use of the beverage. The modern English form, along with French thé, Spanish te, German tee, etc., derive via Dutch thee from the Amoy form, reflecting the role of the Dutch as the chief importers of the leaves (through the Dutch East India Company, from 1610)” (Etymology Online).

The term Chai Cam comes from the Mandarin word Ch’a.

Consider the word “chai.” Turkish çay, Arabic shay, Greek tsai, Russian chai, Persian cha, and Arabic cha originated in China from Mandarin (Etymology Online).

Black Tea Is One Of The Most Popular Options.

A considerable amount (84%) of all tea consumed was black tea. Then 15% was green tea, and the small remaining amount was oolong, white and dark tea (Tea Association).

Iced Tea Is A Highly Popular Drink In America.

Approximately 75 – 80% of tea consumed in America is iced. Ready-to-drink iced teas such as those from Pure Leaf, Lipton, Honest Tea, Snapple, Sweet Leaf, and Arizona, among others, are becoming more popular as a sweet drink instead of pop or energy drinks. Despite competition from other beverages and effects of the covid pandemic, the ready-to-drink (RTD) tea category growth is estimated to be 3 to 5 percent (Tea Association).

Drinking tea can reduce your risk of heart disease

Tea flavonoids may have advantages for cardiovascular health, according to some research. Adults who drink 2-3 8 oz. cups of tea daily can lower their risk of dying from heart disease by about 8–14% (National Library Of Medicine).

Improve your cholesterol and blood pressure with a daily cup of tea.

According to recent research from the American Journal of Medicine and other research institutions, tea consumption may have significant advantages for heart health. The incidence of cardiovascular events is decreased, disease progression is slowed, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL), or “bad” cholesterol, is decreased, and overall blood pressure is improved. With just one cup and up to six cups per day, these advantages can be experienced (The American Journal of Medicine).

China Is the Biggest Global Producer of Tea.

As tea originated in China, it makes logical sense that they are currently the most significant global tea producer. China provides nearly 29% of the world’s total tea. That is a lot of tea! (Tea Bloom).

Tea-Themed Music

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It’s time for the music, this is what you’re actually here for. Grab your favourite type of tea, a London fog, a matcha tea latte, an iced tea from Starbucks, or even a black tea with two cream and two sugar. Now that we have whetted your appetite, here is a list of tea-themed songs to get you through your next steaming cup of delicious leaf water.

“Afternoon Tea” Covered By Blake George, Originally By The Kinks

“The Wellerman” Collaborative Cover By Caleb Hyles, Pelle K, Jonathan Young, Ten Second Songs, Natewantstobattle Originally by Nathan Evans

‘Tea In The Sahara” Cover By Bob Head Originally By The Police

 “Hilarious ‘Proper Tea’ Rap,” A Rap By Doc Brown

‘The Boston Tea Party Song’ parody by Jam Campus, originally ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams

Let us know which tea-themed songs you’re adding to your playlist! Which is your favourite?

Concluding Thoughts

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Who knew there was so much knowledge about tea? We enjoy giving you great song recommendations and tidbits of trivia. We appreciate your visit to another Switching Styles article today. Check out some of our other fun facts articles on Casey Jones Costello, Music Piracy During Covid-19, Polyamory, or sign up for our email newsletter to receive the most recent information on music and random facts.

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