The Extraordinary Effects of Music on a Bull: A Tale of Harmony and Courage

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This is a novel excerpt reading of the power of music in the passage, The Extraordinary Effects of Music on A Bull.

Learn the fascinating anecdote of the remarkable impact of music on a bull, “The Extraordinary Effects Of Music On A Bull.” This fascinating passage comes from a classic book written in 1814 that explores music’s impact. Join us as we explore the transforming power of music, its capacity to heal and inspire, and the surprising harmony it provides to the animal kingdom on this entertaining and instructive adventure.

A book written by an anonymous author tells a collection of stories demonstrating music’s remarkable effects. These are indeed heartwarming tales of people finding their voices and animals being entranced by piece. The book highlights the diverse impacts of different musical styles on creatures, from tiny mice to majestic elephants. Classic anecdotes, historical references, and captivating storytelling combine to offer a comprehensive exploration of music’s influence that resonates with scholars and enthusiasts alike, leaving a lasting impact on our understanding of the universal power of music.

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You will discover the alluring language of music that transcends time and distance to touch hearts and minds as you set off on this fantastic adventure through the novel’s pages. Now let’s go into a bit of passage from the book where we see the excellent benefits of music on a bull—a truly uplifting storey of harmony and survival.

Introducing The Excerpt Anecdote

In a peaceful town near Liverpool, an adept tailor with remarkable skills in sewing and fiddle-playing resided. However, his life took a dangerous turn one morning in June when he encountered a ferocious bull while returning home from entertaining his rural community with his musical prowess. He failed despite his attempts to climb a tree to escape the Bull’s wrath. But with quick thinking and resourcefulness, he quickly took refuge behind the tree and began to play his fiddle. Of all things, he starts playing music.

To his surprise, the Bull’s fury subsided as it listened intently to the enticing tunes. The animal’s anger vanished with each note, leaving a serene and collected being behind. The Tailor briefly stopped working. He considered leaving after discovering this fantastic find. The Bull’s wrath sprang back vigorously as soon as the music stopped. The Tailor promptly picked up his instrument again after realizing the grave repercussions. The music’s enchantment restored harmony and peace between man and animal.

Despite his desperate attempts to flee, the Tailor found himself trapped by the raging Bull, whose fury grew with each pause in the Tailor’s fiddle playing. The Tailor had no choice but to continue playing for three gruelling hours until daybreak, when the relieved family finally arrived to retrieve their precious cows.

The Tailor had been staying at the same farm where the Bull lived. Each evening, he would play his fiddle and captivate the Bull’s attention, drawing the powerful creature closer to the house. This astute observation led the Tailor to instinctively turn to his fiddle in dire need, saving his life. Indeed, the power of music cannot be underestimated in even the most difficult of situations. Below, we’ll dive into the excerpt itself and read the direct words from the unknown author.

Excerpt: The Extraordinary Effects of Music on A Bull

Now it’s time to immerse yourself in the captivating world through an enchanting excerpt from a timeless novel published in 1814. This literary masterpiece takes readers on a transformative journey, exploring the profound connection between melodies and creatures. The mesmerizing story recounts how a tailor, faced with a raging bull, discovered that the magical strains of his fiddle could calm the beast and restore harmony. Let us delve into this captivating tale and witness the universal language of music, transcend boundaries, and captivate hearts.

The Extraordinary Effects of Music on A Bull.

A few years ago, a man who lived at Allerton, near Liverpool, by trade a tailor, but who could occasionally handle his fiddle, as well as his needle, on his way home, from whence he had been exercising his musical talents, for the entertainment of his country neighbours, in passing through a field, about three o’clock, in the morning, in the month of June, he was attacked by a bull. After several efforts to escape, he attempted to ascend a tree; not, however, succeeding in the attempt, a momentary impulse directed him to pull out his fiddle, and, fortifying himself behind the tree as well as he could, began to play; upon which the enraged animal became totally disarmed of his ferocity, and seemed to listen with great attention. The affrighted tailor, finding his fierce and formidable enemy so much appeased, began to think of making his escape, left off playing, and was moving forward. This, however, the bull would not suffer, for, no sooner had the tailor ceased his fascinating strain, than the bull’s anger appeared to return with as much rage as before: he, therefore, was glad to have recourse a second time to his fiddle, which instantly operated again, as a magic charm upon the bull, who became as composed and attentive as before. He afterwards made several more attempts to escape, but all in vain; for no sooner did he stop his fiddle, than the bull’s anger returned, so that he was compelled to keep fiddling away, till near six o’clock, (about three hours,) when the family came to fetch home the cows, by which he was relieved and rescued from a tiresome labour and frightful situation. This is the first man upon record, who may be really said to have fiddled for his life, and, who so truly fulfilled the poet’s idea, that.

“Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast.”

It is proper, and farther curious, to observe, that this man lodged at the farm-house where the bull was kept; and that, as he frequently played upon the fiddle, in an evening, to amuse the family, he had observed the bull, (who always attended the cows home to be milked,) constantly endeavoured to get as near as possible to that part of the house where he happened to be playing, and always appeared to listen, with the greatest attention, which, fortunately struck him with the idea of having recourse to his fiddle, and, in all probability, preserved his life.

The Power of Music (Pg 33 – 35)


The Tailor and the Bull’s Tale is an excellent example of music’s incredible effects. It proves how music can cross species barriers and create harmony in unique ways. This story is a reminder of music’s transformative power beyond entertainment. It can unite individuals and animals and touch our souls deeply.

Immerse yourself in the power of music and its profound influence as you explore this extraordinary novel. Experience the magic that weaves through each page. These pages allow you to witness firsthand how music can create wonders, heal wounds, and forge connections that defy all odds.

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