Reviewing “Well” by Token  

Well By Token

Lot of folks want a check off me
Not a lot wanna check on me
Talkin’ to me like, “Where’s my cut?”
Like I got treasure chests on me
Talkin’ to me like, “Damn, you changed”
Talkin’ to me one mile a minute
Then they ask me for a picture, though
And wonder why I don’t smile in it

Well by Token


This song is bombing. It not only highlights the woes and drawbacks of fame but also highlights how hard it is to work for and with yourself. It’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. Fame is not all glamour and mind-blowing ease. There’s a lot of work. Not that it’s not a positive experience but it’s not the dream that the rock star ideology suggests. It’s challenging work but it’s worth it but maybe not for the reasons that people think.

“The worst part of doing things by yourself, you cannot blame nobody else” is one lyric of the song that really resonates with me as a freelance writer. There’s a lot of stress that comes along with taking your own path – whatever that path may be.


Token’s Album “Between Somewhere”

Released in 2018, this song brings quite a lot into perspective. The Album “Between Somewhere” includes multiple other tracks that follow suit in terms of quality and emotion. This is a self-released album that ties in really nicely to the themes within the album.

Between Somewhere Track List

  1. Somewhere in Between 
  2. Household Name 
  3. Rich for You 
  4. Flamingo 
  5. Well 
  6. Mom Would Agree 
  7. 7th Day 
  8. And You by Token, IDK & Bas 
  9. Same Difference 
  10. Treehouse 
  11. FBI 
  12. Suitcase and a Passport 
  13. Flamingo Video Shoot 
  14. No Service 
  15. Mail (Outro) 
  16. YouTube Rapper (Ft. Tech N9ne) 
  17. Goodbye!! 


Introducing Token

Token, otherwise known as Benjamin David Goldberg is a young American rapper and songwriter. Only 25, he’s taken the world by storm. He starting rhyming at the young age of 10 and building a YouTube fanbase at 14. Since the start of his channel on August 26, 2012, he has garnered over 188 million views.

Since then he’s released three studio albums; Eraser Shavings (2016), Between Somewhere (2018) and Pink is better (2021). Next are his mixtapes and over 20 released singles such as “One Like Equals”, “Run it back”, “No Game” and many more.


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