Tips For Decorating Your Home; Music Edition

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When decorating a home for a music lover, you’ve got options for what to do. This article highlights how to decorate any space with Switching Styles decorating tips!

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Music lovers are proud of their titles. They love showing off their pride, passion, and prized vinyl record. Whatever music, musician, or medium you want to show off to the world is perfect. That level of artistic freedom does come with its downfalls. There are so many different things that you can do. Switching Styles is here to help.

Get Posters from Your Favourite Bands.

These are available on their websites or at their concerts. It’s always best to buy from the band as directly as possible. This not only makes them more money, but it lets them know that you enjoy their music. Switching Styles has highlighted some amazing bands that have fantastic merchandise. Musician merch like WTHCNVCTN, Marc Van Der Meulen, Adrian Sutherland, and Misplaced Intentions would make a great conversation piece in any home. Plus, this means supporting local economies and the local music industry.

Highlight Your Favourite Band Albums.

Even though most people listen to music online via Spotify, YouTube, or apple music, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the physical copies. There’s something more tangible to it. Whether you’re into With Ether, Swing’it Dixieband, Baby Metal, Morgan Wallen, or Blackpink, nothing is stopping you from decorating the wall with them all side by side.

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Make Your Own.

Use your artwork based on ticket stubs, selfies, and music mementos. Nobody says you must purchase anything to celebrate being a music lover. You can use oil paint and charcoal on a canvas based on how Asking Alexandria – Stand Up And Scream CD Album makes you feel.   There are always shadowboxes for collecting memories from your latest tour, favourite concert, or the first time in a mosh pit. If those aren’t your vibes, print out your favourite album’s lyrics in tiny font. If the Bee movie can do it, so can AC/DC’s High Voltage Album!

For the artistic folks, create artwork to or about your favorite song like a colouring page inspired by a local metal band, Misplaced Intentions.

Think Inside the Kitchen Drawers.

Even household items can be used as decorations. Use a music-themed Tumblr for your morning coffee! Get a pair of simple potholders and paint music notes or even lyrics to your favourite album. Put your lemon coke on top of gorgeous album coasters. Get photo coasters and use concert selfies or album art printouts. The possibilities are endless.

Think Outside of The Box.

You don’t have to only decorate your home with things that get hung up on a wall. There’s more space in your home, such as shelves, mirrors, drawers, windows, doorknobs, anywhere you can think of. Put a crocheted set of The Beatles and an Inflatable 80s Boombox alongside your stuffed animal collection for a colourful and bright addition. Thinking outside of the box also includes Halloween decor to go with your Nightmare Before Christmas themed bathroom.

Our Decorating Verdict

No matter what you do with the space, it would be best if you remembered this critical rule. There is no right way to decorate your room. Style it funky. Have straight edges. Have shag carpet on the walls. Display a cardboard cutout of Freddie Mercury. Get Prophets of Rage – Prophets of Rage Signed Shepard Fairey Poster for the bathroom. Put up your Led Zeppelin cookie Jar.

interior of cozy studio with bed and couch decorated with vintage furniture and vinyl records
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This is your chance to create the way you feel in that room. This is you making the vibe. Go for it! Oh, and don’t forget to show it off by tagging us on your socials.

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