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Chicken Purses, Chicken Parodies, Chicken Puns, Chicken Songs; What More Do You Want? Switching Styles is dedicated not only to quality content but also to keeping you on your toes. Although a silly concept, chickens have become something of an internet love from Chicken nuggets (Chickie Nuggies) to the Chicken Wing tik Tok trends, and of course chicken-themed purses.

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Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com

Why Is the Internet Obsessed with Chickens?

Before you can say  “cluck cluck” the internet has become a frenzy with these chicken purses. Whether it’s celebrities, influencers, or your average chicken-obsessed cottage core folks.

From rubber chickens to chicken purses to silkie chickens to chicken recipes, there are quite a lot of google searches. But Google searches aren’t what’s impressive. The Smithsonian research states there are over 25 billion chickens throughout the world. This means they are more chickens on earth than any other bird species. That’s a lot of clucking.

Chickens are plain adorable.

Using Fowl Fashion

This chicken purse is a fashion statement so fowl it’s adorable. Though it’s not the only time that designers are using animals for inspiration. Alternative fashion has always had a place within society.  Each decade or era has its idea of weird fashion or fashion that pushes the boundaries of the norm. Animal themes are just one example.

Did you know that chickens have a full-colour vision just like humans? They’re able to visually perceive red, green, and blue light. However, that’s not all they can see. What makes chickens’ vision unique is they also see violet and ultraviolet light.

Where Do I Get a Chicken Purse?

Available from many locations from Plume to peavy marts, there are a lot of different ways that you can get your hands on chicken purses. Below we’ve compiled a shortlist of businesses that stock them. Below are products from Etsy, Amazon, Poshmark, Ali Express, Peavy Mart, and so much more!

Even Popeyes Chicken is hopping on the trend with their own chicken-themed line. They’ve taken the internet by storm!


Did you know that modern chickens were domesticated over 8000 years ago? They evolved from the red jungle fowl and are living descendants of the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex! That’s just coo.

Time For the Chickens Themed Playlist

When you’re showing off your new purse and matching Hen-semble, give these chicken-themed songs and parodies a listen. Besides this list, we also have a bunch of rubber chicken covers. Seriously we covered those covers. Check out some of our quirky playlists!

“Chicken Fried” By Zac Brown Band

“Chicken Attack” By Song Voyage Ft. Takeo Ischi (Profanity Warning)

“Chicken Dance” By  J.Geco

“Chicken Wing” By Ricky Desktop

“Chicken Dance” By J.Geco 

Final Thoughts

Now that you are equipped with not only a strong sense of chicken fashion but a handy playlist of some of the internet’s quirkiest chicken songs – it’s time for you to go forth with this adoration for chickens.

Not to tell you how to live your life but these would make some amazing entrance songs while sporting a new chicken purse. However, if you do, please film it, and tag us on social media. We’d love to see it.  Tag Switching Styles on your favourite social media!

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