Top 10 #Yeg Cafes for Pokémon Go Dates

Pokémon Go Dates

Pokémon Go Dates. Need something casual for the first date? Want something cheap for a fourth date? Need a reason to relax together with a date? Pokémon Go provides an interactive game that allows for engaging activities with one another but takes away some of the nervousness and awkwardness of modern dating.

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The game itself is a great way to engage with your date as you can participate together in some regards. There are opportunities within the game to battle raids with one another, trade pokemon, evolve pokemon, battle one another and overall mutually benefit from in-game achievements.

There’s even an online dating site called Pokematch – aimed at getting pokemon go players together. Since 2016, it’s had 2,137 downloads. That’s one way to evolve a relationship! The app is described as, “Pokematch is an app to meet other people interested in Pokémon GO…Pokematch is a flirting app focused on a pretty specific group of people. Maybe in some faraway future, it could get a lot of users, but at the moment it seems like it’ll be pretty hard for it to compete with other apps like Tinder, Badoo, LOVOO, and Brenda, since many of these apps’ users probably play Pokémon GO too”.

Top 10 #Yeg Cafes for Pokémon Go Dates

Below are a bunch of amazing cafes that not only have a sweet menu but a sweet location for pokemon go. These locations are surrounded by both pokemon go gyms and pokestops. Put down a lure. Grab a latte. You’ve got a perfect date.

  1. Three Bananas Cafe
    9918 102 Ave Nw, Edmonton, Ab T5j 5h7
  2. Leva
    11053 86th Avenue Nw, Edmonton, Ab T6g 0x1
  3. Tsujiri West Edmonton Mall
    8882 170 St Nw, Edmonton, Ab T5t 4j2
  4. Rmedy Café
    10310 124 St
  5. Remedy Raymond Block
    10479 82 Ave Nw
  6. Credo Coffee
    10350 124 St
  7. The Clever Rabbit Vegetarian Cafe
    10722 124 St
  8. Canadian Brewhouse
    9538 Ellerslie Rd
  9. Block 1912 Cafe
    10361 82 Ave Nw
  10. The Woodrack Café
    10335 83 Ave Nw
Where would Switching styles be without our musical component? Here are some chill covers of Pokémon go’s soundtrack to serenade your date.

“Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Jazz“ by insaneintherainmusic. Check it out on Band Camp.

“Littleroot Town” by ThunderScott. Check it out on Spotify.

“Pokémon & Chill“ lo-fi hip hop cover by GameChops. Check it out.

“Pokémon Symphony“ by Yeuleexia. Check it out on Band Camp.

“Pokémon Heartgold & Soulsilver medley“ by yu-ichi1995. Check it out on YouTube.

“Pokémon Black & White“ by ToxicxEternity. Check it out.

“The Pokemedley “ by FreddeGredde . Check it out.

“Ecruteak City“ by Jone Ruiz. Check it out on Spotify.

 “Little root Town“ by MusicMike512. Check it out on Spotify.

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