WthCnvctn New Single; Inse(Cure)

WthCnvctn Inse(Cure)

Dark. Hard. Emotional. That’s what WthCnvctn delivers and what they keep delivering. Be ready because soon they have delivered more of their deep metal music.

February 28th is the day well awaited by fans as it’s the day that their single Inse(Cure) dropped! This single is available on all streaming platforms for your listening pleasure. That’s not all. Teaming up with Art Unleashed, they created and presented an ambitious lyric video that visually goes above and beyond the typical. Made with a 3-D workspace (similar to those used to create video games), the lyric video is a visual and musical treat.


Instead of releasing an entire album with much space in between releases, the band is releasing singles at a faster rate. Bringing their audience a different way to enjoy their music, WthCnvctn is releasing a single every few months. This means less wait time for fans. This is a way to give each track the attention and appreciation they deserve. Compared to an article with several tracks telling a single overarching story with a similar message, WthCnvctn will release several singles to delve deeper into the message of the song. Inse(Cure) is the first of their new singles that has been released with another one coming in the spring of 2020.

 Inse(Cure) is a powerful and emotional track. Matched perfectly, the lyrics and instrumental bring forth both of those elements. Starting with a distorted beat and a modern intro, the song draws you in. Then the harder metal drum beats follow with vocals in the background showing their metal passion. Slamming the listeners into a punk chorus, metal guitar and drum riffs allows a tune for the hardest of metalheads. Within the middle is a guitar solo that’s not only sexy and decisive but went into production with a single take — a feat not easily made.

This song combines elements such as modern distortion, punk choruses, and metalcore rifts. Like the band itself, this song shifts and melds different genres not letting one single genre do it justice. Combined seamlessly, insecure has elements of punk, pop, emo, metal, and grunge. It’s a combination that not many bands can do but WthCnvctn does it well.

“The song dives headfirst into a dark setting absolutely abolishing genre norms,” reads a press release from the band, ” elements of more than a few genres are seeping through the cracks of every corner of the song.”

Altogether the musicians combined their talent to create a song that’s as metal as it is emotional. The lyrics are dark and depressing with the music style to match. Here are the first lyrical stanzas of the song.

We’re going nowhere in these broken fucking body bags
I see the light but only peeking through the curtains and I
Know it hurts, I know it hurts, I feel you
Life’s the hearse and we deserve the worst view
I think I hear them singing

I take it back, wish I never loved you
I really thought, you would tell me the truth
Stop caring, stop caring I’m okay
I’m only chasing a high,
Never mind
Never ending lullaby
They’re singing no one’s gonna love you

These lyrics bring forth a story that many of us feel every day. Insecurities are prevalent with human beings in general.

“We’ve all been hurt before, Inse(Cure) is a song about pain and it’s art so it’s open to interpretation. If the shoe fits it’s for you and your situation,” explains Sabian Ryan.

This is what the song Inse(Cure) highlights. Insecurities are unfortunately universal. WthCnvctn audience shares similar insecurities to the band such as the most prominent one of not being loved. Originally, Inse(Cure) was called by a different name. They had a working title of Chasing the high but instead went with Inse(Cure) as it fits better with the lyrics and feels of the song itself. They made the right choice as chasing the high denotes something almost futile because Inse(Cure) allows for interpretation. The lyrics showcase the insecurities of the band members and their listeners. The title and the subtle inner text of cure shows that with each insecurity there is a chance of fixing it or growing from it. Ryan wants this song to reach the people that need to hear it, that have a situation that they need to work through, and the band shares that sentiment.

Inse(cure) is a project inspired by more recent events in the band’s journey, unlike previous releases. This is a dark song that draws inspiration from the stress of now whereas earlier songs were stresses and pain from the band’s past such as “Chemical Camouflage”, “Sink / Swim”, “Let It Go” and “Cigarettes & Sin”. That being said, the punk sound of this single is a tribute to the band’s earlier songs while still staying true to WthCnvctn’s sound.

“This one was probably the most natural song we’ve ever written since “Let it Go”,” they explain. Change is inevitable but it takes some time to adapt and to move on regardless of the changes.


Starting in 2015, they set out to form a band that combines aspects of the music they love; Melodic Guitars, Punk Rhythms, Grungy Bass, Fast Drums, Drop Tunings, Punchy Leads, Devastating Breaks and Chaotic Vocals. Not only did they combine them, but they turned it into something entirely new.

Sabian Ryan (vocals), Kyle Johnson (Bass/vocals), Aj Howse (drums) and Keelan Roussel (Guitar) bring forward a sound that’s all their own. Their sound has been described as metalcore, punk, grunge. This is quite similar to the band’s overall musical aesthetic.

“With such a unique approach to genre-blending, there’s room for anyone who likes the dark side of music to sing along or jump in the pit” said Ryan emphasizing that their music and thus their audience is varied and diverse.

This independent band hails from Edmonton Alberta. It’s not just a location to them, though. It’s home. It’s a starting point to be more than just a local band. Music is about connecting to their audience and impacting each listener in a positive way. In 2016, most if not all of their performances were #BOYEG events with the earnings being donated to charities including Zoe’s Animal Rescue, Edmonton Humane Society, YESS, YRAP among others. It’s not just Edmonton that they have their sights set on. Their audience is excited about the release of Inse(cure) and the release of further music from WthCnvctn!

Sabian beams when talking about the release and his band mates, “I’m really proud of my boys for coming together to make this happen — and there’s a lot more on the way.”

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