Youssef Qassab

Youssef Qassab

It all started with Gun N’ Roses’ guitar riff of “Sweet Child of Mine”. From that moment Youssef was hooked on music. That love only grew. Youssef was born in Baghdad, Iraq, later moving to Syria later on. It was in Syria that he learned what it means to be a musician and learned what music means to him.

Youssef Qassab is a gorgeous voice that was on “The Voice Arabia”. In 2012, he stood in front of the judges to sing “Use Somebody” originally by Kings of Leon. This gave him great exposure on Arabic Media Networks. and on the internet. On youtube, his audition for the voice reached almost 2.5 Million views.

Qassab writes on his youtube channel that, “When I Was On The Voice T.V Show … I Was Just Starting Out As A Singer … It Was A Good Experience And It Has Driven Me To Be A Better Singer, And Hopefully I Got Since I Was A Newbie.”

Since his audition, he’s moved to the USA to further his music career. And that he did. Both his original music and his covers grew in popularity. As do many cover artists throughout the music industry, Youssef has original music. “Still Call It Home” is a sweet alternative rock song in tribute to Syria. Youssef describes it as, “A Song For A Place That’s Suffering At The Moment.”

His covers gained popularity online reaching Almost 5 Million Views On Youtube In More Than 90 Countries Around The World. Though that’s not all, musicians have shared the covers of their songs. The band, 30 Seconds to Mars, shared Youssef’s cover of their song, “From Yesterday”. 

His popularity kept increasing. One of his most recent covers is “Stricken” originally by Disturbed. Yossef puts his own spin on the cover keeping close to the vocals and style of Disturbed. His style is self-described as Hard Rock, Arena Rock, and Heavy Metal, which he brings to each and every cover – changing the original song to something a lot heavier. In the case of “Stricken”, it remains the same heavy metal style as the original. 

Youssef Qassab Covers

Here are some of his covers. And be warned, they are fantastic. The rest of his covers can be found on his youtube channel.

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