‘A Friend Like Me’ Covers to remember Robin Williams

Robin Williams has been an inspiration to millions. He’s been a personal inspiration to me for his humor, his smile, for the joy that he gave the world even when that joy sometimes escaped him. Continue reading ‘A Friend Like Me’ Covers to remember Robin Williams

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Reviewing “Settle Down” by Kimbra

A lot of women my age (in their 20’s) start to think about their future as an adult and who they want to spend their time with, have children with. I’ve never heard of a song so direct, to the point. She wants to get married and have children and she’s telling him that to “Settle Down”. Usually we try to suppress this to not startle a man in his 20’s that feels like he has his whole life ahead of him as for women we feel like our time is running out. Continue reading Reviewing “Settle Down” by Kimbra

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The Ironic Truth of Ecommerce Students in E-Commerce Remixes

This is a collection of different questions from several assignments to deal with commerce, e-commerce, and economics. Put into an easily digestible form, it is here to help anyone wanting to know more about finances for anything from a study aid to sounding smart at thanksgiving dinner. And of course, since we’re all about the music. While researching about everything to do with money, all I could think of as a college student writing these words is, “I Ain’t Got No Money”. Every university student will understand that sentiment. Thus, why after these did you know on finances and economics, we are following it up with remixes of “No Money” by Galantis. Continue reading The Ironic Truth of Ecommerce Students in E-Commerce Remixes

Soothing Anxiety; Music Review by Rachel Rabalais

Switching Styles’ Music Reviews | In today’s society, many people suffer from different mental illnesses. Everyone has their own way of helping themselves feel a little better about what they are battling day to day. Anxiety especially clinical anxiety is very hard to deal with. Scientists have said music can actually relax and calm you. When I get anxiety, I always listen to music, if I am able to. There are a couple of artists I like but my favourite song, which has helped me through so much is “You’ll be okay” by A Great Big World. Continue reading Soothing Anxiety; Music Review by Rachel Rabalais

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Music E-Waste

Modern technology has made listening to music easier than ever before. In 1982, the first CD player was released, followed by the first version of the iPod in 2001. In recent times, it has become a common practice to use smartphones to listen to the radio or a music service, something that 87% of 18 to 29 year olds in the United States were reported as having done in 2016 (Anderson, 2016). Continue reading Music E-Waste

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Why I write the way I write; An opinion piece on literary Journalism from Dylanna Fisher

Feature writers first separated themselves from hard-hitting news by writing “human interest stories,” as Wolfe describes them, which were “long and often hideously sentimental accounts of hitherto unknown souls beset by tragedy or unusual hobbies within the sheet’s circulation area… In any case, feature stories gave a man a certain amount of room in which to write.” Continue reading Why I write the way I write; An opinion piece on literary Journalism from Dylanna Fisher

Interviewing Swing'it Dixieband

Featuring Swing’it Dixieband

Travelling back in time, Swing’it Dixieband brings you to New Orleans 100 years ago. their music tells the stories of the roaring 20’s about jazz, about “bootleggers, speakeasies and illegal parties during the Prohibition and flappers and dappers partying their nights away in the opulence and decadence of the Golden Era!”. Continue reading Featuring Swing’it Dixieband

Interviewing Swing’it Dixieband

Merging the centuries within the ’20s, their music blends modern music with a vintage sound. It’s a fantastic way to celebrate the 2020’s with the styles of the 1920s. Traditional jazz music was party music and that’s what they deliver in their songs and their concerts. Their versatility allows them to play for a range of audiences from jazz clubs and speakeasies to weddings to corporate events to festivals. Continue reading Interviewing Swing’it Dixieband

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Laughing while Farming; Stardew Valley Parodies

As you’ve most likely noticed, Switching Styles portrays musical artistry in all its forms including serious and not so serious content. Today’s article is not so serious. We’re taking the peaceful and serene soundtrack of Stardew valley and showcasing the parody side of it. Continue reading Laughing while Farming; Stardew Valley Parodies

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Reviewing “Famine in the Land of Dub” by DabbleDob

Released in 2019, this is an underappreciated track by Dabbledob as it has 25 views on SoundCloud. “Famine in the Land of Dub” is one of Dabbledob ‘s 17 current songs. With just 16 followers through Sound Cloud, he’s at the start and creating a platform of listeners for his genre-shifting tracks. Continue reading Reviewing “Famine in the Land of Dub” by DabbleDob

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Stardew Valley; Not Just Fun and Games

In fact, the entire game is all thanks to Barone. The initial release of Stardew Valley was created by a single person. This includes all of the music, graphics, coding, writing, and so on. Barone is the mind and passion behind Stardew Valley, known by his online persona as “ConcernedApe,”. Taking inspiration from the beloved classic Harvest Moon (now called Story of Seasons), he created an entire world of creative and peaceful farming. Continue reading Stardew Valley; Not Just Fun and Games