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Marcus Wilson is an artist interested in cosmic inspiration and multidisciplinary talent. Marcus, a self-proclaimed “Philoartist,” embarks on a creative journey that spans speculative fiction, music, and philosophy. With an artistic vision transcending the ordinary, he offers a glimpse into a mind driven by co-creation and creative speculation.

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An Imaginative Explorer, Music Creator, And Sci-Fi Author

Marcus is far from your typical artist. He envisions a future where humanity works through the stars, the dream of science fiction and, in time, a reality. This perspective permeates his work, setting the stage for a creative journey that defies convention. Throughout his career, Marcus weaves intricate tales in speculative fiction. His novella, “Rachael’s Dream,” takes readers on a mesmerizing journey into the unknown, blurring the lines between written and spoken narratives with audiobooks and e-books. He invites us to explore a sci-fi fantasy world that sparks the imagination.

Speculative Fiction E-books and Audiobooks

Marcus’s literary arsenal spans several topics, including Speculative Fiction, Philosophy, Mathematics, and Music. His works can be found on platforms like Gumroad and Lulu, where readers can dive into his imaginative narratives and thought-provoking philosophy.

Philosophical Exploration and Beyond

Not content with just storytelling, Marcus delves into philosophy. His works include “The Principles of Comparative Organization,” a thought-provoking e-book exploring organizational philosophy’s intricacies. He also presents “The Sayings of Marcus Wilson,” a collection of philosophical musings that inspire introspection.

The Cosmic Symphony of Music

In addition to literature and philosophy, Marcus is a musician, composing instrumental music that blends assorted styles. His compositions, characterized by their upbeat, motivational, and easy-listening qualities, provide a backdrop for deep introspection and inspiration. His collection, “The 5th Human Music,” features over thirty songs that invite listeners to explore new horizons of the mind.

In Conclusion

Marcus is more than just an artist; he is a cosmic visionary who invites us to explore the boundaries of our imagination. With a passion for co-creation, a penchant for storytelling, and a commitment to philosophical inquiry, he inspires us to embark on a journey into the uncharted realms of human creativity. As we join him on this voyage, we may fall in love with the cosmos’ boundless possibilities.

Learn More

Are you curious about the fascinating journey of Marcus Wilson as an artist and his creation, “The 5th Human Music”? If so, you’ll be glad to know that numerous resources and platforms can help you better understand his work and connect with him. Below are some options that can help you explore his creations and connect with the artist himself:

Music Streaming Platforms:

  • Spotify: Listen to “The 5th Human Music” and other compositions on Spotify.
  • SoundCloud: Discover a rich collection of Marcus Wilson’s music, including “The 5th Human Music.”
  • Vimeo: Watch visually captivating videos and creative projects by Marcus Wilson on his Vimeo channel.
  • YouTube – The5thHuman: Explore video content related to Marcus Wilson’s artistic endeavours.

Social Media and Networking:

  • LinkedIn: Connect with Marcus Wilson on his professional LinkedIn profile.
  • Instagram: Follow Marcus Wilson on Instagram to glimpse his artistic world.
  • TikTok: Engage with Marcus on TikTok for exciting and creative content.
  • Twitter: Stay updated with the latest news and updates from Marcus Wilson on Twitter.
  • Link tree: Access various links to Marcus Wilson’s social media and online presence in one place.

Books and Audiobooks:

Connect Directly:

  • Discord: iiii#3281 – Connect with Marcus on Discord.
  • Telegram: @marcuswilsonzi – Reach out to Marcus on Telegram for direct communication.

These resources provide a comprehensive window into Marcus Wilson’s artistic world, allowing you to explore his music, books, and creative projects. Dive into his work; you will uncover a world of electronic soundscapes, written narratives, and musical content.

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